Correct spelling for HAP

We think the word hap is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for hap

  • bap USS Slater (DE-766) as Aetos; served 1951–1991; now a museum ship in Albany, New York, the only destroyer escort afloat in the United States USS Ebert (DE-768) as Ierax ; served 1951–1991 USS Garfield Thomas (DE-193) as Panthir; served 1951–1992 Transferred to Italy USS Wesson (DE-184) as Andromeda (F 592) 1951; scrapped in 1972 USS Thornhill (DE-195) as Aldebaran (F 590) 1951; scrapped in 1976 USS Gandy (DE-764) as Altair (F 591) 1951; stricken and sunk as target in 1971 Transferred to Japan USS Amick (DE-168) as Asahi (DE-262) 1955–75 (then to the Philippines) USS Atherton (DE-169) as Hatsuhi (DE-263) 1955–75 (then to the Philippines) Transferred to the Netherlands Main article: Van Amstel-class frigate USS Burrows (DE-105) as Van Amstel (F806) 1950 USS Rinehart (DE-196) as Bitter (F807) 1950 USS Gustafson (DE-182) as Van Ewijck (F808) 1950 USS ONeill (DE-188) as Dubois (F809) 1950 USS Eisner (DE-192) as Zeeuw (F810) 1950 USS Stern (DE-187) as van Zijll (F811) 1950 Transferred to Peru USS Bangust (DE-739) as BAP Castilla; served 1951–1979 USS Waterman (DE-740) as BAP Aguirre; served 1951–1974 USS Weaver (DE-741) as BAP Rodríguez; served 1951–1979 Transferred to the Philippines USS Amick (DE-168) as BRP Datu Sikatuna (PF-5); scrapped in 1989 USS Atherton (DE-169) as BRP Rajah Humabon (PF-11); retired in 2018 USS Booth (DE-170) as BRP Datu Kalantiaw (PS-76); sunk during a typhoon in 1981 USS Muir (DE-770)—cannibalized for parts USS Sutton (DE-771)—cannibalized for parts Transferred to South Korea USS Muir (DE-770) as ROKN Kyong Ki (F-71); served 1956–1977 (then to the Philippines) USS Sutton (DE-771) as ROKN Kang Won (F-72); served 1956–1977 (then to the Philippines) Transferred to the Republic of China (Taiwan) USS Thomas (DE-102) as ROCN Taihe (太和) USS Bostwick (DE-103) as ROCN Taicang (太倉) USS Breeman (DE-104) as ROCN Taihu (太湖) USS Carter (DE-112) as ROCN Taizhao (太昭) Transferred to Thailand USS Hemminger (DE-746) as HTMS Pin Klao (413) Transferred to Uruguay USS Baron (DE-166) as Uruguay (DE-1); served 1952–1990 USS Bronstein (DE-189) as Artigas (DE-2); served 1952–1988
  • cap He could not even be sure whether it were better wisdom to put the cap on again or to keep it off.
  • chap This small chap with the earnest little face was good as a play.
  • gap You know, better than I do, what goes on in the Gap.
  • ha He that I took for the superior fell a-laughing heartily: "Ha, ha, ha!"
  • hag So the good priest believed in truth that the detestable hag was very ill, and evidently suffering from fever; so he went his way pitying her much, and without the least suspicion of her wicked purposes.
  • haj The mahry of the Haj is very vicious and greedy, and bites all the other camels which eat with it.
  • ham Beringhen, delighted with his rescue, and very grateful for the good treatment he had received, changed places with Guetem and his companions, led them to Ham, and in his turn treated them well.
  • han Han. A filthy French jest as I am a Dutch gentleman.
  • hap Indeed he had not yet realized the belief, though his father had done so, that the truth would be revealed by those at Castle Richmond to him at Hap House.
  • harp "A Welsh patriarch, to be sure, with a long white beard, flowing robes, and a harp to match," answered Miss Jessie.
  • hasp My trunks were sadly packed by Mrs. Titmarsh, and the hasp of the portmantyou-lock has gone through my yellow satn.
  • hat O, how I would like a hat like that!
  • haw Haw trees are most numerous on south facing slopes that have grown up into thickets in the last 30 years.
  • hay Gage had in Boston no supply of fresh meat, but plenty of horses needing hay.
  • heap He pointed to a heap of carelessly-tossed letters upon desk-top.
  • hep Types of armor-piercing ammunition Armor-piercing (APBC) Armor-piercing ballistic capped (APC) Armor-piercing capped (APCBC) Armor-piercing capped ballistic capped (APCR or HVAP) Armor-piercing composite rigid (APCRNR) Armor-piercing composite non-rigid (APDS) Armor-piercing discarding sabot (APFSDS) Armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot Armor piercing high-explosive (APHE-T) Armor-piercing high explosive tracer (SAPHE) Semi-armor piercing high-explosive (SAPHEI) Semi-armor piercing high-explosive incendiary (SAPHEI-T) Semi-armor piercing high-explosive tracer (HEAT) High-explosive anti-tank (HESH or HEP) High-explosive squash head or high-explosive plastic
  • hip He watched her restlessly walking on the floor, small hand clutching the pistol resting on her hip.
  • hop Then she would hop over herself and he would go round.
  • lap Ellen sighed, and, sitting down, drew the child into her lap.
  • map 333, and map p.
  • nap I'll go below and turn in for a short nap."
  • pap He said: "Yes, but you mustn't spile 'em, fur I want to keep 'em perty till I git out war pap lives."
  • rap A rap came to the office door.
  • sap And sorrow comes to sap the strength and take away the buoyancy.
  • tap The tap-room is right on the way.
  • yap Yap Sing proved to be an artist in his way.
  • zap The Northrop P-61 Black Widow used spoilers in this manner, in conjunction with full span zap flaps and some modern airliners use spoilers to assist the ailerons.
  • Had And I thought I had killed you.
  • Has Lans has told me.
  • Hal You'll - Hal, you'll get it badly when once you're caught.
  • AP The Honourable Mrs. Winter-Green came, and the Welch baronet, Sir Owen Ap Taffy.

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