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How to spell HAPPERING correctly?

If you are searching for the correct spelling of "happering", it's important to note that the correct term may vary based on the context. For instance, if you meant "happening", it refers to an event or occurrence. On the other hand, if you intended to write "happening", it can imply trendy or stylish.

List of suggestions on how to spell happering correctly

  • appearing The sun was appearing over the horizon as we reached the top of the mountain.
  • Capering The little lambs were capering and frolicking in the green meadow.
  • hammering The carpenter was hammering nails into the wooden frame of the house.
  • Hampering The bad weather is hampering our efforts to finish the construction on time.
  • happening
  • Kippering The smell of the kippering fish wafted through the air as they prepared for breakfast.
  • papering She spent the weekend papering the walls of her bedroom with beautiful floral wallpaper.
  • Peppering The peppering of the peppers with the garlic made for a savory dish.
  • tapering She was prescribed tapering off the medication.
  • zippering The tent was zippering closed just as the storm hit.

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