How to spell HAPPYT correctly?

If you meant to type "happyt" but realized it was misspelled, here's a correct suggestion: "happy". It's an adjective that describes being delighted, content or joyous. It's a commonly used term to express positive emotions, so simply substituting "happy" in place of "happyt" will give your sentence the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell happyt correctly

  • haply Haply, we'll find a solution to the problem soon.
  • happen
  • happy She felt happy when she found out she got the job she had been hoping for.
  • harpy The character in the book was described as a harpy, constantly criticizing and putting down those around her.
  • hippy My aunt was a hippy in the 1960s and participated in protests for civil rights and peace movements.
  • lappet The bird's lappet was a distinctive feature of its appearance.
  • tappet The car's engine sputtered and died; I suspected the tappet mechanism was defective.

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