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How to spell HAUTS correctly?

If you have misspelled "hauts", here are some possible corrections. Firstly, it could be "hats", referring to headwear. Secondly, it could be "huts", meaning simple shelters. Lastly, it could be "hauls", referring to carrying or transporting goods. Always proofread carefully to avoid such misspellings!

List of suggestions on how to spell hauts correctly

  • hades
  • hafts He struggled to remove the hafts of the axe from the wood.
  • halts The sudden downpour of rain halts the outdoor wedding ceremony.
  • HARTS The HARTS (Highway Accident Response Teams) were dispatched to the scene of a multi-car collision on the freeway.
  • Hates She hates spiders and always screams when she sees one.
  • hats I have too many hats in my closet.
  • Hauls Every Sunday he hauls his boat out to the lake for a day of fishing.
  • haunts The memory of his past mistakes haunts him every day.
  • hearts
  • heats The sun heats the earth during the day.
  • hits The storm hits the coast with full force.
  • hoots
  • HOTS I have the hots for my coworker but I know it's not appropriate to act on it.
  • HTS HTS stands for High Throughput Screening, a method used in drug discovery to quickly and efficiently test large numbers of compounds.
  • hurts It hurts when I accidentally hit my toe against the corner of the table.

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