How to spell HE'W correctly?

We think the word he'w is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell he'w correctly

  • chew Let the robust and the gigantic carve, Life is not worth so much, she'd rather starve; But chew she must herself; ah cruel fate!
  • dew It kept off dew and wind and an ordinary rain, and answered our purpose well enough.
  • few But what could a few do against so many?
  • haw Lizzie, after enduring the platitudes of Lieutenant Harrowby until she was sick of them-the burden of that officer's conversation being limited apparently to the observations of " Haw!
  • he He will see you."
  • hem Well, now-hem-Mr. Potter," he said aloud, "and where do you live?
  • hen I suppose that meant, in hen talk: "Come back!
  • hep "Come here, man!" cried Cameron again, seizing a second man who stood near the door and flinging him clear off the platform after the unlucky Hep.
  • hew On arriving there Sir Arthur received the mortifying intelligence that Sir Hew Dalrymple had been appointed over his head, nevertheless he continued to push on his own plans with vigour, pending the arrival of that general.
  • hex In this (Latin-1) version of the book, the apothecary's symbol meaning 'Prescription take' (Unicode letterlike symbol Dec 8478 Hex 211E) on pages 232 and 285 has been replaced by 'Rx', and in Footnote 104 the symbol for 'scruple' (a measure of weight - Unicode letterlike symbol Dec 8456 Hex 2108) has been spelled out in full.
  • how 4509. How is that?
  • jew I won't go straight to the nobleman-one has to wait there for an hour outside; I'll go first to the Jew.
  • mew There was something awe-inspiring in the place, for the boat was in the shadow of the Mew Rock, behind which lay the sun, hastening to his rest, his ruddy beams streaming now on either side of what looked like a rugged black tower standing against a blazing sky, and for the moment even Dick felt oppressed by the solemnity and beauty of the scene.
  • new It was our new bombardment.
  • pew I sat with his aunt in the minister's pew, and shall always be glad that I was at that service.
  • sew Jessie longed eagerly to be able to help, but she couldn't sew at all, she had never even tried.
  • shew 689, does not shew this.
  • yew Therefore I allowed her to coax me, and to kiss me, and to lead me away a little, as far as the old yew-tree; for she would not tell me where she was.
  • Her It was for her.
  • Hey If he did, we'll blow him up to-morrow night, hey?"
  • Lew Eb, what will Lew Wetzel do on a night like this?
  • Thew As the monstrous shape with its leprous gray body and the features of a carven, unhuman idol loomed over him, Conan struck as a wounded tiger strikes, with every ounce of thew and fury behind the blow.
  • Whew To-whew, to-whew; to-whew, to-whew; whew-to-to, whew-to-to, whew, to-whew.
  • HES The Governor's a wonderful man; but hes not quite all there, you know.
  • HEB 6, 7, 8, Heb.
  • HEWS He hews, he hacks, he gashes.
  • phew Out jumped the three lively whips, flew up in the air, and began to beat her-phew!
  • he'd He said he'd come back, so I didn't put it down.

List of 2 words made from the word he'w

3 letter words made from he'w:

hew, 'eh.

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