How to spell HEAAR correctly?

We think the word heaar is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell heaar correctly

  • bear Try to bear up.
  • dear "Come in, dear," she said; "I've got something for you."
  • ear He whispered a word in Inspector Chippenfield's ear.
  • fear "I like them more, but I fear them more.
  • gear Before we had finished picking Mr. Hammond's cotton the gear came by mail.
  • ha Yet, ha, ha, ha.
  • hair A woman may walk about her own court, but not in the street, with false hair."
  • haw Abe watched anxiously when she opened the top drawer of the bureau and took out a haw comb and a pair of scissors.
  • hay "Jean Hay," she repeated, "who is Jean Hay?"
  • he He is there, I know it.
  • head He said, "I find I have something not right; my head is not right as it used to be, nor has been for some time."
  • header The header system should be generally adopted on wheat dry-farms.
  • heady Alone in her hired hansom the Princess Sofia sat with the window raised, drinking deep of the soft damp air, finding it as heady as strange wine.
  • heal You know the words that make the deadly mischief; but not the ways that heal them.
  • healer Too often the orthodox doctor of medicine denounces the healer who overcomes apparent disease through mental suggestion or arrests a nervous breakdown in a patient by teaching that patient how to relax, when the doctor himself does not hesitate to give bread pills in the first instance and to recommend a sanitarium where relaxation is the only thing attempted in the second.
  • heap Well, sir, when I got home that night, I found wife a heap cheerfuler.
  • hear Did you hear anything about her?
  • heard "I heard you come up.
  • hearer Not very fluently, and in sentences with a very few words in each of them, but words that sank like hot coals into the soul of his hearer, Mr Brandon explained what he meant.
  • heart They see him with the heart.
  • heat I hae made a fire 'at's baith big an' bricht, an' fit to ro'st Belzebub-an' I beg your pardon, laird-but it's some days-I micht say ooks-sin' there was a fire intil 't, an' the place needs time to tak the heat intil its auld neuks."
  • heater I was in danger of freezing to death and, tumbling several bodies out of the bunks, I took the mattresses and built of them a clumsy enclosure and installed in their midst a battery heater which I found.
  • heath The road he now turned into led him by pine woods and heath-covered hills; the houses he passed were poorer, and the distance from one to another was increasing.
  • heave Standing on the veranda steps Mrs. Kember would call in her indifferent, tired voice, "I say, Glad-eyes, you might heave me a handkerchief if I've got one, will you?"
  • heaver It is heavier than the other bag.
  • heavy I was feeling a little heavy after eating all of that pizza.
  • heir
  • hera The goddess Hera is associated with marriage, family, and rule of the heavens.
  • herr He had a problem with his boss and he wanted to address it with HR but he didn't know how to contact the office
  • hew I need to hew that piece of wood off the wall.
  • hewer
  • hour
  • lear She is a strong learner.
  • near
  • pear My grandmother used to pick pears from her tree.
  • rear There is a rear exit.
  • sear They found the meat encased in a hard pastry that had been cooked over a open flame.
  • shear Shear was the sound their blades made when they crossed.
  • tear Mommy, why is Daddy crying?
  • wear
  • year He taught at the high school for only one year.
  • Her I chose to study with her because she is an excellent professor.
  • Hey Hey, can you help me carry this bag?
  • Hadar
  • Hagar Hagar is the biblical figure who was ultimately willing to enslave her own son in order to save him from being sacrificed by
  • Saar Saarland is a state in Western Germany.
  • hears
  • HaaS In the cloud, everything is possible.
  • PAAR We went out to eat with our friends PAAR last night.

List of 15 words made from the word heaar

3 letter words made from heaar:

ear, are, ara, era, aar.

4 letter words made from heaar:

5 letter words made from heaar:

raahe, harae.

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