Correct spelling for HEALD

We think the word heald is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for heald

  • hale "Well, it was all right up to that point, but the end didn't help me in shaping the future of Running Elk, for his father was hale, hearty, and contented, and promised to hang on in that condition as long as we gave him his allowance of beef on Issue Day.
  • hall They passed into the store room, and so out into the hall.
  • halo He could see himself as large with the noose round his neck as in coronet or halo; and though this inward and spiritual temper may be far from rare, there had been no one to kick out of him its outward and visible expression.
  • halt He ordered the waggons to halt, that I might give Lily over to my mother.
  • hard Work very hard for nothing.
  • head Well, you have eyes in your head, I know; where could they have been looking?
  • heady She took my hand, and gave it a good, heady shake.
  • heal It seems to me a very beautiful and wonderful life that is opening up before me, always to help, to give, to heal.
  • healed The face I could not see, but I distinguished The attitude and gesture, and I knew 'T was he that healed me.
  • healer A whisper grew that Laura was in love with the Faith Healer.
  • heard She had not heard him.
  • heat Peggy danced along the road in spite of the heat, for it was a happy thing to be alive.
  • heed Once or twice Ida had repeated her mysterious hints as to Winona and trespassing, but, obsessed by the fever of new and strong emotions, she had paid little heed.
  • heel She turned on her heel like a soldier and marched from the room.
  • held "Oh, Marie, 'tis your voice has ever held us back.
  • helot Little by little, he had become to his wife so indulgent and so affectionate, that the poor helot felt her heart touched.
  • herald Amid the sweet delights of sunshine, room, air, grass, trees, flowers, music, and the precious stores of an old library, every now and then she would all at once imagine herself a herald that had turned aside into the garden of the enchantress.
  • herd The produce of the herd and the farm helped to furnish forth the table.
  • hold Ay, let them come-let them come while I hold you!
  • lead Then he was up and taking a good long lead in response to the appeals of Thurlow back of third.
  • Had 196. Was that because you had not wool of your own?
  • Haled I had cut my knuckles against the pale young gentleman's teeth, and I twisted my imagination into a thousand tangles, as I devised incredible ways of accounting for that damnatory circumstance when I should be haled before the Judges.
  • Haloed With one arm guarding the little bundle in her lap, dividing her attention between it and the porridge she was making, she sat, a living embodiment of David's vision, silhouetted against and haloed by the red fire, softened by the blue, obscuring smoke-wreaths that slowly circled in great rings and then swept up the wide, overarching chimney.
  • Hauled We hauled him out and then started to dive again.
  • Heeled Why do you work in high-heeled boots?
  • Hal Hal, who could criticise unerringly, with direct, outspoken humour,and yet scorn to judge; who had learnt, by some strange instinct, the precious art of holding out a friendly hand and generous friendship, even to those condemned of the orthodox, sufferers probably through their own wild and foolish actions, without in any way becoming besmirched herself, or losing her own inherent freshness and purity.
  • Hilda Hilda Wade looked up at me with a sympathetic glance.
  • hailed As they stepped out of the car opposite "The Safe" a taxicab drew up and Mr Carlyle's alert and cheery voice hailed them.
  • heals A rather surprising and unexplained situation occurs frequently when the wound-surface heals more rapidly than the ideal curve would indicate; in this event secondary ulcers develop which bring the curve back to normal....
  • holed Having decided to test all possible theories, she for the moment pigeon-holed the idea of a mistake, and began to seek for other explanations.
  • he'd He'd tell you sooner than Peter!
  • he'll He'll make a-of her, if he han't did it a'ready."

38 words made from the letters heald

3 letter words made from heald:

adh, lah, lea, hel, ade, ale, led, eld, dah, lad, dle, dal, hdl.

4 letter words made from heald:

ehad, dahl, aleh, head, lehd, deal, leda, hela, hald, held, dale, eldh, heal, edah, lade, hael, lahd, deah, hale, lead, dhal.

5 letter words made from heald:

halde, daleh, dahle, deahl.

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