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How to spell HEARED correctly?

The correct spelling of the word is "heard". If you are searching for possible correct suggestions for this misspelling, there are a few options: you can use a spell checker, consult a dictionary or simply sound out the correct spelling phonetically in your head.

List of suggestions on how to spell heared correctly

  • eared The dog with floppy eared is always happy to see me.
  • Feared The villagers feared the wrath of the approaching storm.
  • geared The new company policies are geared towards increasing workplace productivity.
  • Haired My three-year-old niece has curly, blonde-haired locks that always make her look adorable.
  • hard It is hard to concentrate in a noisy environment.
  • hare I saw a hare running through the field this morning.
  • hared
  • harked I harked back to my childhood memories as I walked past the old playground.
  • harmed The medication has harmed me more than it has helped.
  • Harped She harped on the fact that I needed to change my hairstyle.
  • hatred His intense hatred for the neighbor grew each day.
  • head She rubbed her head as she tried to remember where she had left her keys.
  • headed
  • healed After weeks of rest and medication, the wound on his leg had finally healed.
  • heaped
  • heard
  • hearer The speaker must always consider the needs and perspectives of the hearer.
  • heart My heart aches for those affected by the famine.
  • heated The argument between the two colleagues got so heated that they had to be separated.
  • heaved She heaved a heavy sigh and collapsed onto the couch.
  • heed It is important to heed the warnings of doctors and experts during a pandemic.
  • herd The farmer's herd of cows grazed peacefully in the field.
  • Herded
  • here Here is your package that was delivered earlier.
  • herod Herod was a king of Judea.
  • hired I was hired by the company to work as their new marketing manager.
  • hoard The old man had a hoard of gold hidden in his attic.
  • Neared As I neared the finish line, my heart rate began to spike with excitement.
  • Reared As a child, I was reared on my grandparents' farm in the countryside.
  • seared
  • shared He shared his ice cream with his younger sister.
  • sheared

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