How to spell HEARF correctly?

We think the word hearf is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell hearf correctly

  • deaf She alone spoke to the dead girl as though she were still really alive, as one speaking to the deaf whom only one voice can reach.
  • fear Fear me not, kind king!
  • haifa Damn this ride to Haifa!
  • half "Never mind next year, think of the next half.
  • hard She looked so mean, so hard and-young!
  • hare I think you'd better run like a hare."
  • hark The roar without was not that of the ocean, but of a vast city, and-hark!
  • harm I meant no harm.
  • harp She could play upon the harp and paint in water-colours, and her needlework was a picture, but not half so pretty a picture as her face.
  • hart But every morning getting there the same time; every day the same stale "dinner," as they call it; every evening the same "Good evening, Miss Clare," "Good evening, Miss Simpson," "Good evening, Miss Hart," "Good evening, Miss Clare."
  • have I have heard of Mr. Eglinton.
  • head But it is in your head, isn't it, sir?
  • heady Formerly this herb was used in Germany for making beer heady; but it is now forbidden by law.
  • heal As the physician needs the knife and fire to heal the sick, we must do fearful things to save the community when it is in danger.
  • heap As for me, I only wanted this to complete my long threatened misfortune; sea sickness in all its most miserable forms, set in upon me, and, ere half an hour, I lay upon that heap of small stones, as indifferent to all round and about me as though I were dead.
  • hear Did you hear what he said, Michael?
  • heard Charmian had never heard it before.
  • hearer In considering the broad types of playlet you should remember that words are said to denote definitely the ideas they delineate, and to connote the thoughts and emotions they do not clearly express but arouse in the hearer or reader.
  • hearse By the side of the hearse and the coaches walked the servants with lighted torches, and the whole procession was wonderfully impressive.
  • heart With all my heart, Sir.
  • hearth Last time I had her she washed up the hearth with the dish-cloth.
  • hearty Presently he broke out into a hearty laugh.
  • heat Other men cursed the heat, but he never took the trouble.
  • heath "I live at Rising, the manor-house over the heath.
  • heave There was a use for every one who could heave a stone or flourish a sword; and when he thought over the number of his troops he believed he might succeed in holding the building for some considerable time.
  • heaver I can't heaver this metal off the ground.
  • heavy He carried the heavy suitcase up the stairs.
  • heir Her heir to the throne was an infant.
  • hera My aunt legacy is full of heirloom flowers.
  • herb The herb garden is a beautiful addition to the garden.
  • herd She was grazing her herd of sheep.
  • here
  • hero She exemplified the virtue of heroism.
  • herr He retrieved his lost phone from herr's car.
  • hf
  • hoard We discovered a hoard of treasure in the basement.
  • hoary
  • hoof Even a sick horse needs plenty of rest and fresh hay.
  • huff Since he lost his job, he's been huffing and puffing around the house.
  • leaf I am going to take a leaf out of your book.
  • serf The serfs were required to do the chores on the estate.
  • sheaf
  • wharf I will stand at the wharf and watch the Boat sail away.
  • Her
  • Hers
  • hears Mary heard the cat meowing.
  • heirs
  • CERF
  • NERF My husband bought me a Nerf gun for my birthday.
  • HOFF After teaching for years at a large public school, Hoff found her true calling in the private sector.

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