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How to spell HEELES correctly?

If you have misspelled "heels" as "heeles", some possible correct suggestions include "heels", "heeled", "heeling", "healer" or "heales". Make sure to double-check your spelling before submitting any written work to avoid simple mistakes like this.

List of suggestions on how to spell heeles correctly

  • Eels I always feel icky after handling eels.
  • feelers The caterpillar extended its tentacles of feelers to navigate its way around the leaf.
  • feels She feels happy every time she sees her baby smile.
  • hales The icy wind hales down the street, making walking difficult.
  • healer The healer was able to cure the illness that had previously confounded all other doctors.
  • healers The healers worked tirelessly to treat the wounded soldiers.
  • heals The ointment quickly heals minor cuts and bruises.
  • heckles The comedian's jokes were so bad that he heard the sound of heckles from the audience.
  • heedless The heedless driver caused a serious accident on the highway.
  • heeds John heeds his father's advice and studies hard for his exams.
  • heel She twisted her ankle and limped along, favoring her heel.
  • Heeled She heeled her dog when they approached a crowded sidewalk.
  • Heelless She wore a pair of cube-heelless shoes.
  • heels I can't wear high heels for long periods of time.
  • helen Helen was my childhood best friend's name.
  • heller
  • hellos We exchanged warm hellos before beginning the meeting.
  • HELMS The captain of the ship took the helms and steered it through the rough waves.
  • helps Mom helps me with my homework every night.
  • holes I have big holes in my teeth.
  • Keels The ship's keels helped to stabilize the vessel in rough seas.
  • peelers She always kept a few extra peelers in her kitchen drawer just in case one got dull or went missing.
  • peels Suddenly, one of the oranges peels itself and exposes the juicy pulp inside.
  • REELS In casinos, the slots usually have one or more reels with different images, or symbols, that rotate around the metal frame
  • wheels A car has four wheels.

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