How to spell HEILD correctly?

We think the word heild is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell heild correctly

  • child She is my own child!
  • field He wrote this when fresh from a sight of troops in the field.
  • geld The manor of Countisbury rendered geld for half a hide, of which the lord held one virgate and four ploughs, and the villeins held one virgate and six ploughs.
  • gelid As for the Russian, vast and disquieting, I refuse to leave all, including the blankets and the pillow, to follow him into the gelid tranquillity of the upper air, where even the colors are prismatic spicules of ice, to brood upon the erratic orbit of the poor mud-ball below called earth.
  • gild Dull and brown as it appeared after the rich tints of Genoa, yet so gloriously did sea and land embrace it, so lavishly the sun gild and the moon silver it, that it seemed steeped in the surrounding hues of nature.
  • hail Do you hail from Yarmouth?
  • halt It was at length, after innumerable objections, agreed upon that we should be placed back to back, and at a word given each walk forward to a certain distance marked out by a stone, where we were to halt, and at the signal, "une," "deux," turn round and fire.
  • head 1. Under the first head, the most important question is the question of public assistance.
  • heal To heal their poor neglected bodies; to be the first to tell them of Jesus-how did Festus put it?
  • healed Rose Warner's refusal had affected him more than he chose to confess, and the wound must be slightly healed ere he could find pleasure in the sight of another.
  • heard I have heard of Mrs. Tait doing it in that way.
  • heed Hetty did not heed.
  • heel Then he turned brusquely on his heel and strode off to go and make his rounds.
  • held It was the expression of supreme happiness depicted upon Nance's face which held him spellbound.
  • hello "Why, hello," said he, cordially.
  • helm "There ain't no more doubt on it," answered Dennie, "than when I put my helm down to starboard to get the east breeze, steerin' north'ard.
  • helot A Helot shared with me.
  • help I really want to help you.
  • herald Then came one bright sudden flash, the first herald of the rising sun, and immediately following it, the great luminous planet rose from the waves, mounting slowly higher and higher, until it orbed itself above them, appearing in clear and perfect majesty.
  • herd The herd-books or pedigree record books were, in most cases, Canadian, and it was felt that they should be located at the capital of the Dominion.
  • hesiod Those, I said, which are narrated by Homer and Hesiod, and the rest of the poets, who have ever been the great story-tellers of mankind.
  • hill He was in a wholesale tobacco merchant's in Mark Lane then and he took lodgings near us at Haverstock Hill.
  • hilt I dared not call out to Nicholas for fear of being recognised; but at this juncture horse and man on my right seemed to be dashed to earth, and Nicholas was at my elbow, striking right and left with the heavy hilt of his sword.
  • hind Then he turned around, and with one of his long hind-feet, he kicked the toadstool with all his might.
  • hold Like the moonlight, it gets hold of you."
  • meld Fuel hed ik ther vr skreven, men afternei send mi ak felo thinga meld.
  • mild In response there burst into the room a lad in knickerbockers, broad-shouldered, muscular, yet smooth-faced, and mild-eyed all his nineteen years; but this was the supreme moment of them all; and his woman's eyes were on fire as he planted himself before the rector and his lamp, pale as ashes in its rays.
  • shield Weel, I wud hae liked to have carried my shield, but it wasna to be, so I've come home on it."
  • veiled Now a subtile veiled idealism-" He was not allowed to finish.
  • veld Even if you had only two millions you could have a cook and a valet, to go with you when you went into the veld or to the wars; and you could have as much champagne and other things as you liked.
  • weld It formerly belonged to Cardinal Weld, who left it to his brother, the late owner.
  • wield Go, my children, face the combat, fight boldly, wield the feathers unrestrained; when you weary, bring me back your outworn bodies, cast them here upon my shore.
  • wild The crowds went wild with enthusiasm.
  • yield Fortunately, we play for glory only, and Lieschen and I are always forced to yield this to the Lieutenant."
  • Haled And, not seeing what he did, as he struck fiercely out, his clenched fist landed on the chest of the warden who was passing, and Walter Skinner was promptly seized and about to be haled off to punishment.
  • Hauled Two sailors hauled him aboard.
  • Heeled I will tell you when I was nearest being trampled on, Andros,-when I lay on the ground below there last winter,-on the frozen ground, with the blood running out of my side like a river, and a great high-heeled German walking over my shoulder as if I had been a hickory log.
  • Hid Trees and bushes hid it from view.
  • Hied The play being done, I stole from him and hied home, buying several things at the ironmonger's-dogs, tongs, and shovels-for my wife's closett and the rest of my house, and so home, and thence to my office awhile, and so home to supper and to bed.
  • Holt We accordingly cast anchor at a safe distance, and a boat was lowered for the reception of Captain Len Guy, the boatswain, Dirk Peters, Holt, two men and myself.
  • Howled Behind them followed the watch-dog, Patient, full of importance, and grand in the pride of his instinct, Walking from side to side with a lordly air, and superbly Waving his bushy tail, and urging forward the stragglers; Regent of flocks was he when the shepherd slept; their protector, When from the forest at night, through the starry silence, the wolves howled.
  • Hulled Millet can be hulled at home in small batches.
  • Hurled He wrenched it away and hurled it far from him.
  • Heidi Peter willingly undertook to do this, and followed after her on his bare feet, with his left arm round the bundle and the right swinging his goatherd's stick, while Heidi and the goats went skipping and jumping joyfully beside him.
  • Hilda Hilda Wade was to all appearance a mass of lifeless flesh.
  • hailed Again Sergeant Treacher hailed and flung a rope; this time the lifeboat's crew caught it and made fast.
  • holed If in the Land's End district you climb the ascent of Bolleit, the Place of Blood, where Athelstan fought and slew the Britons, you can see "the Pipers," two great menhirs, twelve and sixteen feet high, and the Holed Stone, which is really an ancient cross, but you will be told that the cruel Druids used to tie their human victims for sacrifice to this stone, and you would shudder at the memory if you did not know that the Druids were very philosophical folk, and never did such dreadful deeds.
  • he'd He'd hoped for it.
  • he'll He'll talk about himself for an hour unless Reddy and I lead him out.

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