Correct spelling for HEIRTAGE

We think the word heirtage is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for heirtage

  • cartage And with his head high, he walked into the somewhat dingy offices of the Metropolitan Transportation & Cartage Company, of which William Fleming, Esquire, was manager.
  • dirge It is not to be wondered at, these poor bondswomen should cheer up their hearts with words and sentiments like these; but, oftentimes, their sufferings were too great for them to strike up this melancholy dirge, and the silence of the dreadful Desert was many days unsubdued, uninterrupted by these mournful strains!
  • harte The next day, when they met again, Harte said, "You made a man very happy yesterday by your encomiums on a certain book."
  • heart Fo' dat lan' mah heart am pinin'- Yas, Sah, dat am so!
  • heartache There was nothing from outside to dispel the faint heartache accompanying this retrospection; wind and rain against the windows were more proper to increase the melancholy, and Aurora, suddenly sick of staying up to be blue, wound her yarn to start for bed.
  • hecate And Coeus wed Phoebe, and their children were Leto, who is kind to gods and men, and Asteria of happy name, and Hecate, whom Zeus honored above all.
  • hedge "'Evil at heart'" repeated Mrs. Hedge, reflectively.
  • heidegger Then, Roderick, you are not happy: Shall I intercede with Captain Heidegger for your discharge?
  • herbage It is a bare land, with very little wood, and that small and scrubby, but is well covered with herbage, affording excellent pasture during two-thirds of the year.
  • heritage The Flavian age succeeded to this great heritage.
  • hermitage We visited the hermitage where Rousseau wrote so many of his works, but in which this strange and unhappy man found not that peace so long sought by him in vain, and to which his own wayward temper and suspicious nature offered an insurmountable obstacle.
  • portage
  • shortage
  • in-arguable

327 words made from the letters heirtage

5 letter words made from heirtage:

etgar, geert, reate, heita, gater, tiger, greet, tragi, gerti, agree, irate, harit, heger, gitar, retia, reith, reath, thier, erhai, retie, etage, rathi, right, ghate, hagit, tarig, aegir, hitra, great, atire, gheit, eteri, gaeth, rahit, garhi, heart, griha, grahe, argei, harti, arieh, heare, taher, thare, geier, harte, eathe, tegra, hiree, eagre, girth, herge, terai, teare, agere, ehret, ether, teera, aegre, heier, haire, thira, thage, arete, erath, gehrt, three, retag, raite, ereth, tager, taghi, tegea, teria, tahri, theia, raith, ratee, iarge, iater, there, tiree, hater, eater, tigar, heter, ragee, hegar, raeti, taihe, riage, rithe, erith, geter, eager, eiger, egert, rethe, triga, eight, gerea, graet, rieth, tehri, ehrig, hearg, thrae, gaith, gerth, garih, aerie, itera, garet, hagee, earth, eigth, haret, thagi, haeri, ather, ghati, grita, haier, hirat, rihga, atieh, ither, reagh, griet, ghari, getae, airth, reeth, grate, egret, gaite, riege, greth.

6 letter words made from heirtage:

geetha, haeger, egeria, hegari, aerith, haiger, thriae, ageeth, gehret, arethe, gether, gaiter, gretai, tirage, eteria, greate, hertie, hearie, ariege, hegira, theera, eright, gharti, hereti, reheat, taeger, heiter, herita, hereat, regiae, gather, aether, taheri, heater, triage, ergate, ariete, eather, hirage, earith, aigret, aright, hartig, either, hertig, herget.

3 letter words made from heirtage:

get, eat, tie, iga, hag, age, rag, teg, ira, hrt, hie, gee, ter, erg, are, rat, ige, gar, tia, air, tri, trh, rit, rig, ert, tar, ire, tea, ret, art, tee, tai, ate, era, eeg, gat, ear, eta, tag, hat, het.

4 letter words made from heirtage:

taee, airt, hege, reit, eire, etah, taei, rhea, reeg, hear, erie, riga, gait, hart, ghia, thai, ithe, rite, gahr, rate, rage, eega, etre, tier, heir, rehg, rhee, reti, iteh, riht, gath, greh, rege, rete, heat, raie, gher, gari, gehe, tihr, tagh, eter, gati, rahi, ghat, grih, ihar, girt, aire, gihe, tear, ghar, thea, tehr, rega, ieah, rehe, trig, rahe, raht, gate, tera, tegh, ghee, hate, rahg, haeg, ragi, tree, geht, garh, geta, egri, tihg, hera, hair, grit, eiht, trei, reth, tire, haei, taig, hare, eier, athi, thge, thie, hire, eira, here, riha, tare, erei, ehre, gear.

7 letter words made from heirtage:

hireage, targhee, iheater, reigate, rhagite, eighter.

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