Correct spelling for HEISITATION

We think the word heisitation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for heisitation

  • Habitation
  • Finally, civilization is not only a matter of local habitation, but a matter of individual men.

  • Hesitating
  • It was with a hesitating voice, therefore, that he asked: "how has the world treated you?"

  • Gestation
  • It has been truly observed, that this conformation manifests, relatively to gestation and parturition, advantages of which the exterior expression is not found in the women who are commonly regarded as well made, and who, however, are not so, if the best conformation or beauty result from a direct and well-marked relation between the form of the organs and their functions.

  • Recitation
  • Pupils not only go to such a class willingly, but anticipate with pleasure the approach of the recitation hour.

  • Visitation
  • "more liberties," janet indignantly declared, and after the first visitation or two she resolutely set her face against what she called the answering of impertinent questions.

  • Hesitation
  • If she were here herself she would place them in my hands without a moment's hesitation."

  • Hesitations
  • She was a woman who had none of the external feminine signals in either dress or manner, no graces, no little womanly hesitations and alarms, no daintiness, yet neither anything distinctly masculine.

590 words made from the letters heisitation

5 letter words made from heisitation:

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3 letter words made from heisitation:

iii, hao, ani, ane, eta, tai, toe, oat, ten, hie, oas, neo, ant, sth, ain, tie, tsh, tao, est, inh, soh, hat, han, iso, hoe, tin, son, ton, sha, tho, net, sot, eon, ies, tan, ent, sit, tia, hen, tea, sin, tot, sat, ate, nth, one, het, tnt, tet, tit, ash, nit, sen, tat, sea, hot, ion, eat, set, eos, not, hin, ans.