Correct spelling for HELIAM

We think the word heliam is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for heliam

  • claim But what is the meaning of this claim?
  • clam "I don' know," said Clam.
  • elm Young Bosworth lay upon the bed with his arms feebly uplifted, and his great, wild eyes wandering almost fiercely after the sunbeams which came and went like golden arrows, as the branches of an elm-tree near the window changed their position.
  • gleam Then, with a strange gleam in his eye, he turned to the young man opposite.
  • ham They had dined upon cold ham.
  • harlem He threw open her door without so much as a knock upon it, and he shouted so you could have heard him in Harlem.
  • heal But I find her door locked; I kick vigorously against it, the dog starts a loud barking, and I make a hurried retreat to my room, in which I lock myself up, throwing myself in bed to compose and heal up my mind and body, for I was half dead.
  • heirloom The 'Luck' being that old heirloom-just as I planned it.
  • held Their eyes met and held.
  • helena Helena replied, as though delighted and surprised.
  • helios The little ones are perhaps, and Helios who is blind, but Arsinoe does what she can.
  • helium The brain is a physical thing-a bunch of cryotrons in a helium bath.
  • hellman Rallying his remaining strength, Hellman began to run. Boxes seemed to get in his way purposefully, tripping him, slowing him down.
  • hello " Hello, Duncan," said Waterman, looking up somewhat startled.
  • helm Amidst the foaming and conflicting elements, Governor McKean stood at the helm of his commonwealth calm as a summer morning-firm as a granite rock and guided his noble ship through the whirling storm-unscathed and unharmed.
  • help Maybe an ad in the Mesa paper would help.
  • hem Her skirt-hem lay beneath his body.
  • holmium Holmium(III) bromide is a crystalline compound made of one holmium atom and three bromine atoms.
  • hula Loonette, Granny, and Major Bedhead play with a hula hoop from Auntie Macassar.
  • lam L. Lam. A God! altho his outside were but mean; But he shone thro like Lightning from a Cloud, And shot more piercing Rays.
  • lima The city of Lima, founded since the conquest, is represented by Ulloa as containing fifty thousand inhabitants near fifty years ago.
  • loam Pennyroyal does better in a rich loam.
  • selma
  • slam
  • slim
  • whelm
  • Him Doggie looked about him also.
  • holism Typically such criticisms rest on the belief that biocultural anthropology imposes holism upon the biological and cultural subfields without adding value, or even destructively.
  • Elam The King of Elam, taken by surprise, made no attempt to check their progress, but collected his vassals and awaited their attack on the banks of the river in front of Susa.
  • Hiram As I looked along the row, I laughed, and even Hiram smiled.
  • Elma There is Mabel, the beauty, her nature strength and sweetness mingled; and Jean, the downright, blunt, uncompromising; and Elma, the sympathetic, who champions everybody, and has a weakness for long words.
  • Helga In her hands she carried the precious Wedgewood basket, and Helga and her daughter had charge of the flowers and of several glass vases for their reception.
  • Thelma
  • Velma
  • Zelma
  • Selim
  • ELEM When we in mornen had a-drow'd The grass or russlen hay abrode, The lit'some maidens an' the chaps, Wi' bits o' nunchens in their laps, Did all zit down upon the knaps Up there, in under hedge, below The highest elem o' the row, Where we did keep our flagon.
  • GLAM "I am not afraid of such phantoms," said Glam, "and it seems to me all the less dull."
  • HELMS Then Sir Gawaine alighted afoot and dressed his shield, and struck together mightily, and clave their shields, and stoned their helms, and brake their hauberks that the blood ran down to their feet.
  • he'll He'll be interested in you," Cadman answered.
  • robustuous

92 words made from the letters heliam

3 letter words made from heliam:

ale, ail, elm, aim, lem, ham, ali, hem, hie, mil, lei, lah, lam, mei, hel, mal, lie, lea.

4 letter words made from heliam:

helm, male, meah, hael, hale, hame, laim, hail, hime, hela, heim, hemi, lehm, haei, ihle, mile, imae, laie, lime, lieh, elhi, mehl, mahl, mali, mail, ilah, ieah, mlah, meal, halm, mieh, alih, ameh, heil, hema, elia, aleh, haem, ilha, lame, heal, lima, ihme.

5 letter words made from heliam:

himel, elima, maeil, lamie, lahem, melia, milea, hemal, lemhi, ilhae, helmi, malhi, mahle, email, ilham, hamli, halmi, hmiel, lamhe, mihal, elham, maleh, milah, elahi, mahli, halme, himal.

6 letter words made from heliam:

mihael, hiemal, halime, lehaim.

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