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How to spell HELLD correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "helld", fear not! Here are a few correct alternatives: "held" or "hello". These options are frequently mistaken for "helld" due to misplaced letters or typos. Remember to double-check your spellings to avoid confusion, and don't worry, we all make mistakes sometimes!

List of suggestions on how to spell helld correctly

  • Belled
  • Celled
  • felled She felled the tree with one swift blow of the axe.
  • geld
  • gelled She seemed less aggressive after he gelled her with candy.
  • Haled The fugitive was haled into court to face charges of burglary.
  • hall I am waiting in the hall for my friend to arrive.
  • he'd He'd never seen such a beautiful sunset before.
  • he'll He'll be back in five minutes.
  • head I need to massage my head to relieve this headache.
  • heal I need to heal my wound.
  • healed My broken heart was healed when I met him.
  • heard I heard the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.
  • heed It is important to heed warning signs to avoid potential danger.
  • heel My shoes have a little heel, so I can maneuver them better on uneven ground.
  • Heeled She wore a pair of stylish heeled boots to the party.
  • held She kept her composure during the trial, despite being held captive for nine months.
  • heller
  • hello
  • hellos The group of friends exchanged cheerful hellos as they entered the restaurant.
  • helm I wear a helm when I ride my bike.
  • helot The helot rebellion of 464-460 BC led to Sparta's military strength declining significantly.
  • help I need someone's help to lift this heavy box.
  • Helped We helped him carry his groceries inside.
  • herald Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attended the herald's ceremony.
  • herd She saw the herd of cows as they wandered down the road.
  • hill The kids love to ride their bikes down the steep hill.
  • hilly I went for a hike up the hilly terrain.
  • hold I need to hold on until my bus arrives.
  • holed
  • holly Christmas is a time to be jolly, so put on some holly and celebrate!
  • hull I have a hull breach on my ship.
  • Hulled The ship's hull was hulled after hitting a submerged rock.
  • jelled The team's efforts finally jelled after weeks of inconsistent performance.
  • lld
  • meld The chef was able to meld flavors from different cultures into a delicious and unique dish.
  • shelled The soldiers shelled the enemy's positions to weaken their defense.
  • veld We are taking a walk in the veld.
  • weld I can't weld this piece together.
  • Welled Tears welled up in her eyes as she read the heartwarming message.
  • yelled The coach yelled instructions to the team during the game.

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