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How to spell HEMED correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "hemed" could include "hemmed", "heamed" or "hymned". It is important to carefully review the context in which the misspelling is used in order to determine the most accurate correction. Additionally, spellcheck and online dictionaries can be useful resources for identifying and correcting misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell hemed correctly

  • Ahmed Ahmed is a very common name in countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
  • hammed It's a shame that he got hammed in the game.
  • harmed The careless driver harmed several pedestrians with his reckless driving.
  • he'd He'd been waiting for over an hour for the train to arrive.
  • head I am shaking my head in disbelief.
  • heed I hope you heed my advice and stay away from that dangerous area.
  • helmet The construction worker wore a safety helmet to protect his head from falling debris.
  • hem
  • heme The molecule that contains the heme group is a type of molecule that is involved in photosynthesis.
  • Hemmed The suit was hemmed by the tailor.
  • Hemmer After getting his hemmer replaced, he was able to return to work.
  • herd The herd of sheep wereudding around the pen.
  • hewed The carpenter hewed the wood into a perfectly shaped rectangle.
  • Hied She hied to the store to purchase groceries before the storm hit.
  • Hoed I capped my hoed with a new yellow rubber band.
  • home I am so excited to go home and take a nap after work.
  • homed As the sun started to set, the weary travelers homed in on the lights of the small village.
  • hued She had hued her hair auburn.
  • hume Hume is a prominent philosopher who wrote on ethics and epistemology.
  • humid The air in my room is humid.
  • Hummed I hummed a few tunes while I cleaned up.
  • humped The camel humped its back and trudged across the desert.
  • Hymned The choir hymned a beautiful song during the church service.
  • med I injured my med.
  • meed I need some meed for my doggie.
  • Themed The party had a 1980s themed dress code.

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