What is the correct spelling for HERAITAY?

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Correct spelling for HERAITAY

We think the word heraitay is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for heraitay

  • charity There is no blessing in its charity!
  • erato We may see that in Heliconius erato the type with the red mark on the hind wing probably contains a dominant factor, and that where the red mark is absent the metallic colours are exposed; and that similarly the green metallic colour may have another factor which distinguishes it from the blue.
  • haida Haida deity, mother of South-east; in the story of Master-carpenter, 318
  • hairy Blood will always tell; and sooner or later, if we attempt intimacy with those not of our own station in life, we shall get a glimpse of the hairy hoof.
  • haiti Not until the 22d of November did the fleet come in sight of Haiti- about a month later than if they had come direct from the Canaries.
  • hasty Our force, greatly increased to the enemy by rumor, drove him to a hasty retreat and permanently secured the position.
  • heady Or, possibly, the heady sensations were but the cumulative results of a slower process, and the friendly vehicle now resting at the door had done its decisive work before to-day.
  • hearing A considerable crowd had gathered outside, and others, hearing the uproar, were coming running to join them.
  • hearst Two buildings which I particularly like are the School of Mines, built by Mrs. Phoebe Hearst as a memorial to her husband, and the beautiful library.
  • heart Here in my heart something tells me that I shall be killed quite soon, perhaps at the first shot.
  • hearty I shall be busy to-morrow, and you must have a hearty supper."
  • heat There came at last a night of terrible heat, when it seemed as if the world itself must burst into flames.
  • heater A radiating coil of pipe may be thought of as a condenser of steam or of alcoholic vapors, according as it is applied to one material or another; as a cooler or a heater, according to the temperature of a fluid circulated through it.
  • hefty And my weight-I was weighing a good thirteen stone at that time, being a big and hefty youngster-carried me down and down into the green water, for I had been shot over the side with considerable impetus.
  • hera But as soon as her feet had touched the earth she became transformed into a beautiful woman, who, looking kindly at the bewildered youth, informed him that she was the goddess Hera, and that she would henceforth guide and protect him throughout his career.
  • herald Their friend the herald bid them look.
  • herbart 1. THE BASIS AND STARTING-POINT OF PHILOSOPHY is, according to Herbart, the common view of things, or a knowledge which shall accord with experience.
  • heredity I think my uncle Major Belwether chose you as his august mouthpiece for that little sermon on the dangers of heredity-the danger of being ignorant concerning what women of my race had done-before I came into the world they found so amusing."
  • heretic For centuries it was a settled maxim in England, that the only sure way to convert a heretic was to put him to death.
  • hereto Thus therefore, although we concede that many opinions are true which hold some conformity unto this, yet in assenting hereto, many difficulties must arise: it being a dangerous point to annex a constant property unto any Nation, and much more this unto the Jew; since this quality is not verifiable by observation; since the grounds are feeble that should establish it; and lastly, since if all were true, yet are the reasons alleadged for it, of no sufficiency to maintain it.
  • heritage He had some property, and his garden, the heritage of his ancestors, was one of the finest in the country.
  • hermit In spite of the somewhat hermit-like life he led, he nevertheless had something of an acquaintance with his fellow-creatures.
  • herod The passion for witnessing these too often degrading representations had naturally made its way into the Sadducean and semi-pagan court of these usurping Edomites, and Herod the Great had built in his palace, a theatre for the Thymelici.
  • heyday How about poor Richard Carstone and his wife, whom we see, in the opening of the story, in all the heyday and happiness of their youth, strolling down to the court-they are its wards,-and wondering sadly over the "headache and heartache" of it all, and then saying, gleefully, "at all events Chancery will work none of its bad influence on us"?
  • hilarity If Porou did not laugh, his solemn silence was quite as amusing as the most uproarious hilarity.
  • merit The means by which this singular operation was executed have not been published; but two conjectures were formed at the time which merit notice.
  • parity Our gold, silver, and paper money stand at a parity with each other.
  • rarity The poll was to be held in the church-a not uncommon usage in country boroughs, but which from its rarity struck great awe into the Kingswell folk.
  • ratty It was a ratty community.
  • trait To copy here and there a line or a trait is no explanation; but to translate nature into another language-to bridge it to us, to repeat in some sort the act of creation itself-is the crowning triumph of poetic art.
  • treaty 460, 468, 476, 505. Reichenbach, Treaty of, ii.
  • verity But still, that your perception may be able To thoroughly penetrate this verity, As thou desirest, I will satisfy thee.
  • Errata The Errata of the printed book have all been corrected.
  • Harriet And you are truly sorry for all the harm that you have done us in life- Harriet, I, and others?
  • Rita One evening when Rita had encountered more trouble than usual with the sun-brown, and was more than ever before convinced that she was a fright and a fool, she went downstairs, wearing her ribbon, to greet Dic, who was sitting on the porch with father, mother, and Tom.
  • Hermite The Hermite functions satisfy the differential equation, This equation is equivalent to the Schrödinger equation for a harmonic oscillator in quantum mechanics, so these functions are the eigenfunctions.
  • Horatio I'd like to have a little talk with her; kind o' open her eyes to what's before her,-her mind's eye, Horatio, eh?
  • heartier She gave him also two cups of extremely good coffee, and he rose from the repast feeling content, though the fact that he had made a heartier meal than either of the ladies had not escaped him.

272 words made from the letters heraitay

3 letter words made from heraitay:

hrt, are, iaa, trh, tie, ara, era, ter, tyr, yea, hat, try, eta, rit, tia, ayr, ear, air, tai, hie, hay, rye, yet, rat, het, ert, tay, rya, tar, ire, ret, ate, ray, eat, tri, tea, aar, art, ira.

4 letter words made from heraitay:

hyat, hair, airt, ayer, raha, irhy, aaye, hart, hyer, arty, taei, ihar, aiye, ayat, hyte, hayt, tehr, etah, tray, riya, tare, reit, iyar, tayi, yeri, heya, hera, riha, hare, reay, iteh, heir, iaea, yeta, yahr, ayre, ytre, yihe, rhye, hate, rhea, thai, atar, tihr, iyer, rate, tara, ithe, raie, ayah, yeah, irey, trei, area, erya, rite, tiya, ieah, eiht, rayt, raht, tier, eyra, thie, trey, aare, arey, haei, airy, yeti, thea, yehi, tyre, athi, year, hire, reti, rahi, aery, hayr, ayar, tear, aria, taia, yehr, tiye, thay, aire, yieh, tery, yeth, rahe, tera, yaht, yahi, tary, yeht, reth, tyah, heat, riht, eira, tire, yair, heyt, rahy, thye, hiya, ayia, atay, hear, ayte.

5 letter words made from heraitay:

harty, eriya, eathy, harit, yarta, herty, yatir, athar, hitra, yatai, rithe, riata, tehri, tirey, thara, ither, heary, hayri, aiyar, thrae, haeri, haria, yaari, harti, ratae, itera, athea, tyrie, raite, yater, ahart, taher, yehia, theia, arati, iater, aiery, aeria, teria, heita, taiya, raita, areia, harte, thyia, yatra, iatry, terai, raahe, airey, tayra, rieth, raeti, tarea, atieh, teary, thira, thaye, athey, arieh, rhyta, haier, thiry, ratha, raith, harae, irate, hirat, atray, airth, earth, tiara, haret, reath, rahat, hatay, ather, arhat, hayti, erhai, tahri, harat, triay, harai, harta, taira, atrai, aarti, hater, tayeh, erath, hatae, thare, thier, rathi, heart, thaya, rahit, aiyer, taihe, arity, heaty, tayar, reith, yahia, ariya, hatra, retia, hayer, tahar, ratey, reata, ateya, haire, hairy, ihara, atire, erith, ahari, yirth, ayari.

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