Correct spelling for HERESAY

We think the word heresay is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for heresay

  • hearsay Interest spread in the painter, whose work few even of the Florentines knew except from hearsay.
  • heiress The advantage of having gained the approval of the father was too great to be lost altogether, by one of those decided answers on the part of the daughter which allow of no appeal, especially to a poor gentleman who wooes an heiress.
  • hera This same Teiresias was chosen by Zeus and Hera to decide the question whether the male or the female has most pleasure in intercourse.
  • here They have no right to be here!
  • hereby 8. All debts already contracted by the King, are hereby made the debts of the nation; and the faith thereof is pledged for their payment in due time.
  • heresy To nothing but want of zeal and disloyalty on the part of judges could he ascribe the progress which heresy had already made in the country.
  • horsey Mr. Daniel Griffiths was the next pastor of the Church; he commenced his stated ministry at Buckby March 27th, 1803, and was ordained the 17th of November following, when Mr. Anthony, of Bedford, began the service by prayer and reading the Scriptures; Mr. Horsey, of Northampton, delivered the introductory discourse, asked the questions, and received the confession of faith; Mr. Denny, the former pastor, offered the ordination prayer; Mr. Toller, of Kettering, gave the charge, from 1st Tim. iv. 13-16; Mr. Gill, of Harborough, addressed the people, from Deut.
  • teresa Teresa shook her dark curls, and would not be convinced.
  • theresa My few hours of leisure were sweet, and when I spent them with Wollaston and Theresa, were interesting.
  • Heroes Yet even after this the other two heroes would not acknowledge Cuchulain's superiority.
  • Hers No joolry for hers.
  • Hires One, a brother, belongs to the heirs of the late Mr. Brockenbrough of Charlottesville; of whom he hires his time, and pays annually $120 for it.
  • Whereas
  • hares If young turkeys and hares are not to be had, he puts up with a young fawn, a wild duck, or even weasels, mice, frogs, or insects.
  • HRS Time by the Rapide, 13 hrs.
  • daresay I daresay, you can guess what it's about?
  • hearers When at Irkutsk I spoke of journeying to Sredni-Kolymsk I was regarded as a lunatic by the majority of my hearers.
  • uncomplicate

143 words made from the letters heresay

4 letter words made from heresay:

hear, eeas, here, ayre, yeas, erse, rhea, easy, hayr, ayer, rhee, rehe, hera, shyr, ryas, rahy, year, hare, ryes, eyra, sere, rase, yesh, yrsa, arse, eyes, seer, seha, resh, heya, yehr, ashy, reys, esye, seya, heys, hyas, eash, erya, reay, ease, eery, heye, ares, arey, hays, rash, ehre, rahe, shay, rhye, yeah, sear, seay, hyer, ashe, yser, sree, eyas, hysa, aery, yahr, reye, sehr.

3 letter words made from heresay:

eye, ash, are, rya, yes, era, yea, say, ray, sea, ayr, hay, rye, esr, see, ras, sha, ear, res, shy, ese.

5 letter words made from heresay:

heyes, hyser, hares, shaer, aryee, heary, shayr, eyras, seare, shyer, raese, arsey, rhees, hears, yaser, shear, reasy, sehra, rasey, heyse, esher, share, sheer, saher, hayes, erase, eyres, easer, yeahs, saree, herye, yesha, years, eyers, reesh, seery, resay, seher, seeya, esrey, hyers, seaer, haese, heare, rayes, hayer, heres, ayesh, shray, heers, ashey, eesah, shree, esera, yeesh, heyer, yeshe, hesar.

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