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How to spell HESITAS correctly?

If you meant to type "hesitate" but accidentally typed "hesitas", don't worry, we all make mistakes! The correct spelling is "hesitate". Double-check your spelling and make sure that the last letter "e" is not missing. Taking a moment to proofread can help avoid such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell hesitas correctly

  • hegiras The headdress worn by the queen during official ceremonies was adorned with hundreds of colorful hegiras.
  • heists The gang meticulously planned a series of daring heists, targeting banks and museums.
  • hesitant She was hesitant to try the spicy dish, unsure if her taste buds could handle the heat.
  • hesitate I didn't hesitate to jump into the ocean and rescue the drowning swimmer.
  • hesitates She hesitates before speaking her mind, unsure of how her honesty will be received.
  • pesetas In Spain, the currency used to be pesetas before the introduction of the Euro.
  • resits After failing his final exams, Mark had to resit the entire semester.

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