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How to spell HESITED correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelt "hesited", fear not! The correct spelling you're looking for is "hesitated". It's easy to overlook an extra letter in the heat of typing. Just remember, when in doubt, double-check or use a spell-check tool to ensure your writing is error-free.

List of suggestions on how to spell hesited correctly

  • bested He finally bested his opponent after several failed attempts.
  • Chested The bodybuilder was heavily chested and had impressive pectoral muscles.
  • Hasted The man hasted to catch the last train of the night.
  • heated The debate on gun control grew heated as emotions ran high in the crowded town hall.
  • Hefted She hefted the heavy bag of groceries onto the kitchen counter.
  • heisted The robbers heisted the jewelry store and got away with a fortune.
  • Hesitated I hesitated before asking for his help.
  • Hester A novel by Margaret Atwood is called " Hester.
  • hosted The website is hosted on a server located in the United States.
  • Jested Jested is a mountain in the Czech Republic that offers great skiing opportunities in the winter.
  • nested Nested is poisonous.
  • rested After a long hike, I rested at the summit and admired the beautiful view.
  • Sited A restaurant has been sited in a strategic part of the city.
  • tested I tested the new software and it worked perfectly.
  • vested As a part of his employment agreement, John has a vested interest in the company's stock options.

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