How to spell HEUSED correctly?

We think the word heused is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell heused correctly

  • eased A second after the bolt grated with an almost imperceptible jar as it was eased into its socket.
  • fused They waited until the helicopter had climbed to position and was circling above, and then turned their attention to the place where the sheet of fused earth and stone bulged upward.
  • hayseed We thought you were butting in and weren't our sort, and-and-" "And a hayseed nuisance generally; I know.
  • headed Their long upright necks, however, convinced the party they could be nothing else, and the canoe was headed directly for them.
  • healed And then by the means of the damosel Savage Sir Gawaine and Sir Gareth were healed of their wounds; and there they sojourned eight days.
  • heaped The time passed happily; some one turned the lamp out, and Daddy, regardless of expense-he had been grumbling about it ten minutes before-heaped on the bricks of peat.
  • heated It was down-hill on the way back, and the horse, now thoroughly heated and excited, ran his swiftest.
  • hedged The papers said the union men were all but anarchist, So the job trust promised work for all who wouldn't enlist; But the next day when the hungry horde surrounded city hall, He hedged and said he didn't promise anything at all.
  • heed Once or twice only he turned his head a little, his eyes paying no heed to Drennen but seeking Ygerne.
  • heist Thick as Thieves (2009 film) or The Code, 2009 heist film Literature Code (novel), a 2013 novel by Kathy Reichs Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software, a 1999 book by Charles Petzold Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, a 1999 book by Lawrence Lessig Code: Version 2.
  • hesse She enjoys reading books about heses.
  • hexed I was hexed by the evil witch in the forest.
  • house
  • hued The sky was a deep blue and the sun was a warm orange, the result of a hued sunset.
  • hushed She didn't want to behushed and have everyone think she was going to cry.
  • leased
  • soused
  • teased
  • used In the old days, people would use stamps to send mail.
  • versed I was versed in the history of the country.
  • Caused I know that you don't understand, and that I caused you pain, and that I shall cause-them pain.
  • Ceased Then the talking ceased; the hall door of the inner office opened and closed quietly.
  • Doused The picture differs wide from that that poets and poetically doused phantasists love to paint it. Our picture, however, has this advantage,-it is true.
  • Hauled Jones hauled us down from the clouds.
  • Hazed Cloudless, black, but hazed over with atmosphere and thus familiar, not like the night of space.
  • Heeded As to him who thought his very thoughts into him, he heeded him not at all, or mocked him by merest ceremony.
  • Heeled She was painfully conscious that the severe simplicity of her dress tended rather to add to her height, notwithstanding her low-heeled ward shoes with their noiseless rubber soles.
  • Hemmed
  • Herded The cows are being herded onto the truck.
  • Hissed The snake hissed at me and I screamed.
  • Horsed I gave my horse a little attention and rubbed him down.
  • Houses The houses are all brown.
  • Housed The homeless were housed in a nearby church.
  • Husked I was happy to hear that husked corn is in season.
  • Messed My computer is messing up again.
  • Moused I moused around for a couple of minutes before I realized that I needed the control pad.
  • Mused
  • Paused I paused the video.
  • Roused
  • Hester After being rescued from the broom closet, Hester secured a place in Scarlet's heart.
  • heisted
  • heaved Trix heaved a sigh; it was all quite beyond her.
  • HOSED I was hosed down by the management.
  • hewed The vine had been hewed in two by the woodcutter.
  • loused
  • reused The paper towel was reused three times.

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