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How to spell HEVINED correctly?

"Hevined" is most likely a misspelling of "Heavened". If you are looking for the correct word, "Heavened" means to have experienced or been blessed with the joy, peace or divine nature associated with heaven. It's important to double-check spellings to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell Hevined correctly

  • Defined The parameters of the new project have been clearly defined.
  • Deviled My grandma makes the best deviled eggs for family gatherings.
  • Devine The sunset looked absolutely devine as the sky turned shades of pink and orange.
  • Devised The team devised a new strategy to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Divined The priest divined that the crops would be plentiful this year.
  • Evened After adjusting the frames on the wall, she stepped back to see if they were evened out.
  • Evinced The suspect's behavior evinced guilt to the astute detective.
  • Heine Heine's poetry is renowned for its political insight and satirical commentary.
  • Heiner
  • Levied The government has levied a tax increase on alcohol.
  • Levine Adam Levine is a talented singer and songwriter.
  • Refined The restaurant had a refined atmosphere with elegant decor and soft lighting.
  • Reined The cowboy reined his horse in to a sharp stop.
  • Relined The mechanic relined the brake pads for better stopping power.
  • Repined She never repined about her struggles in life and continued to work towards her dreams.
  • Reviled The senator was reviled by many constituents for his controversial remarks.
  • Revised I revised my schedule to accommodate the new meeting time.
  • Revived The plant was almost dead, but it was revived after being watered and given some sunlight.
  • Seined The fisherman seined the river and caught a large quantity of fish.
  • Veined The leaves of the plant were beautifully veined with shades of green and red.

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