How to spell HIARS correctly?

We think the word hiars is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell hiars correctly

  • airs Yet her face had a good deal of plain common sense in it, and not even the most critical of the Racicot folks could say that she "put on airs."
  • hair He was a young man; his face was good, and his hair very long; but he looked thin, and his clothes were poor.
  • hairy I said: Suppose that by way of illustration we were to ask the question whether there is not an opposition in nature between bald men and hairy men; and if this is admitted by us, then, if bald men are cobblers, we should forbid the hairy men to be cobblers, and conversely?
  • harsh When he had started one hour and fifteen minutes ago his voice had been harsh and low.
  • hausa
  • hays My aunt hay in the loft.
  • hear I hear a noise from upstairs.
  • hearsay
  • hearse
  • hearst
  • hearts I've been really struggling with my heart lately.
  • hiatus The emergency room was closed for a five-day hiatus.
  • hiss
  • hoarse
  • horse A horse is an animal that is used for transportation.
  • hours I'm going to bed soon, but I have hours left to finish my project.
  • hus I slept in my friend's house last night.
  • irs
  • Hals Until Luke catches up, Hals holds the lead.
  • Has
  • Hers
  • Hires
  • His
  • Hans A man named Hans lives in the house next to mine.
  • Haws
  • Chars
  • Hairs My hair is so dry it's pulling out chunks.
  • Hips She has incredibly hips.
  • hails Her hair was piled high on her head in a coronet of waving blonde ringlets, and she was crowned with a gar
  • hoards The hoarder's home was filled with countless pieces of furniture, toys and other belongings.
  • harms
  • hats
  • hares
  • harps
  • chairs Her sister's wedding was being held in the chairs in the living room.
  • hits We hit the targets we set for ourselves.
  • hears
  • fairs
  • pairs Members of a pair are two objects that are linked together.
  • whirs The fan whirs loudly.
  • hams A package of hams was delivered to my house.
  • heirs The heir to the throne was very surprised.
  • HS Her bra was tagged "HS"
  • HRS The nurse checked her heart rate repeatedly during her stay.
  • HaaS HaaS (server-less storage) is a type of storage that functions without requiring a server to run the storage services
  • HAGS I saw a hags in the woods.
  • HOS
  • HES
  • HIMS I found this shirt at Higgs clothes.
  • HARTS Jimmy is a heartthrob.
  • HIES
  • hoarser The frog's hoarser voice startled the birds away.
  • hoers I heard her muttering to herself about her missing hoers.
  • lairs The lair of the dragon is a dark and spooky place.
  • harks I heard a loud noise and saw a pack of harks running away.
  • highs Hay fever is just a matter of suppression.
  • hikers This hiking trail is a great place to go for a weekend walk.
  • liars They always claimed to be the honest ones, but we all knew they were liars.

List of 31 words made from the word hiars

5 letter words made from hiars:

arish, rashi, shari, shair, sahir, ashir, sirah, hisar, ishar, ahirs, haris, risha.

3 letter words made from hiars:

ash, ira, air, ras, sha, irs, sir.

4 letter words made from hiars:

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  • irascibly
  • irately
  • irreducibly
  • irrefutably
  • irritable
  • irritably