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How to spell HICHED correctly?

If "hiched" is the misspelling you meant, then the correct suggestions would be "hitched" or "itched". Both alternatives have different meanings, so it is essential to consider the context. "Hitched" refers to being joined or connected, while "itched" implies a strong desire or urge for something.

List of suggestions on how to spell hiched correctly

  • Ached
  • arched
  • Birched She was birched for sneaking out at night.
  • bitched I seriously bitched at my friend for leaving without saying goodbye.
  • cached I cleared my browser's cache to ensure that any outdated information wasn't being retrieved from the cached files.
  • dished She dished out the chicken curry into bowls for everyone.
  • Ditched I was ditched by my significant other at the ball game.
  • etched The name of the late soldier was etched on the war memorial.
  • Fished I fished for hours but didn't catch a single fish.
  • Hacked The email account has been hacked.
  • Hashed
  • hatched
  • Hided I hided behind the tree until the rain stopped.
  • Hied My car was stolen and Hied me to the police station.
  • Hiked
  • Hinged The door is hinged so that you can open it from the inside.
  • hipped The horse had a hipped gait after being injured in a fall.
  • hired Bob hired the convict to work in the lumberyard.
  • Hissed When I hissed at her, she hissed back.
  • Hitched I hitched a ride home with Ned.
  • hitcher The hitcher was grateful for the ride.
  • hitches John encountered several hitches while trying to assemble the new furniture.
  • Hived The beekeeper hived a swarm in preparation for the honey season.
  • hocked I was hocked by the snake charmer.
  • hunched The dog hunched over on its side.
  • hushed The crowd hushed as the speaker took the stage.
  • Itched I itched all over after touching that poison ivy plant.
  • pitched
  • ruched
  • Wished I wished for a quiet night while listening to the sound of the rain outside.
  • Witched

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