How to spell HIEGHTS correctly?

We think the word hieghts is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell hieghts correctly

  • hearts A peace such as they had not known for years came into their hearts.
  • height "I came to you almost the very first, out of the family," she added, with a little height in her manner.
  • heighten The bed had no appearance of having being slept in, and every moment served to heighten and confirm her apprehensions.
  • heights Here the heights again approach the Indus on either bank.
  • hiatus Everything will be swallowed; the public hiatus will be prodigious.
  • tights Splendid figure, and goes well in tights?
  • Lights And I'm sure there is plenty of room for some more shining lights.
  • Rights Have you any hopes to put all to rights again?"
  • Weights I don't believe that man at the weighing machine is so very reliable in his weights, though he had a very pleasant smile while he was weighing me.
  • heists
  • heightens It heightens my confidence in the goodness at the heart of things to see how, as if by instinct, men of sound natures inevitably right the scale in seasons of loss and scarcity.
  • hints Charmian, who was looking her best, her most self-possessed, a radiant minx, with fleeting hints of depths and softnesses, half veiled by the firm habit of the world, seemed to tower morally above the composer.
  • fights Our company gets its commission while he fights.
  • hats When an actor gave pleasure, the audience flung their hats on the stage.
  • hits Took a couple of hits from ground batteries getting off, and from ships around Moonbase getting in.
  • heats As one that fain would wipe The old record out of old things done and dead, She rose, she heaved her hands up, and waxed red For wilful heart and blameless fear of blame; Saying "Though my wits be weak, this is no shame For a poor maid whom love so punisheth With heats of hesitation and stopped breath That with my dreams I live yet heavily For pure sad heart and faith's humility.
  • sights "Lift your sights just a little-" The Rangeley went into silence.
  • nights And so the nights went on.
  • heaths "April 14.-The dear mother came downstairs for the first time since her illness, and was delighted with the flowers-the heaths and cinerarias in the window recesses, and the masses of violets in the garden.
  • HOTS
  • HIES
  • hilts
  • wights
  • bights
  • eights
  • highs
  • hefts

List of 89 words made from the word hieghts

4 letter words made from hieghts:

thse, site, eiht, sheh, thhe, shit, ehsh, iteh, egis, sigh, geht, seth, tegh, sieg, segi, ithe, hits, heth, seht, stih, ties, shih, thge, tihs, thie, tihg, sieh, gets, gist, gihe, gish, high.

5 letter words made from hieghts:

isthe, geits, steig, sigeh, shite, thigs, tiges, highs, sight, sethi, heths, thigh, stieg, gheit, shige, heist, gites, seith, sieth, thish, eigth, thies, tiegs, eight, theis, ghest, hsieh.

6 letter words made from hieghts:

eighth, shieth, gesith, sigheh, gheith, higest, heigth, hithes, sighet, thighs, highet, eights, gitesh, hitesh, height.

7 letter words made from hieghts:

3 letter words made from hieghts:

get, set, tie, teg, sth, het, tsh, ies, ige, est, hie, sit.

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