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How to spell HIKU correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "hiku" instead of "haiku", fear not! Here are some helpful suggestions to rectify the misspelling. "Haiku" is the correct term for a traditional Japanese poem. You can also try "hiaku" or "heirok" as alternative spellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell hiku correctly

  • baku
  • bike I rode my bike to the park this morning.
  • BIKO My favorite animal is a Biko.
  • haiku I wrote a beautiful haiku to describe the beauty of the cherry blossom tree.
  • hake I just caught a nice big hake!
  • hi Hi, my name's John.
  • hick Everyone in the small town seems to be a hick.
  • Hid John hid behind the bushes to avoid getting caught by his friends.
  • hide I like to hide my diary under my bed.
  • hie I must hie to the store to pick up some milk.
  • Hied She hied to finish her work before the deadline.
  • HIES
  • high
  • hike I went on a hike through the forest to see the beautiful waterfalls.
  • Hiked I hiked 12 miles this weekend.
  • hiker This is a great hike for any hiker.
  • hikes During the pandemic, many people have taken up outdoor activities such as hikes and camping.
  • hill I love hiking up the hill to get a beautiful view of the valley.
  • Him Him was the one who was meant to be my partner.
  • hip I'm feeling hip to the new thing.
  • hire The company decided to hire three new employees for the marketing department.
  • His
  • hiss I heard a loud hiss and then smelled gas.
  • HIT He can hit the ball really far.
  • hiv He is testing for HIV.
  • hive My mom is always cleaning the hive.
  • hiya " Hiya! How's your day going so far?
  • hokum She found the comedy in his hokum.
  • Hutu The Hutu people are often denied access to education and other basic services.
  • icu This is an icu.
  • ike Ike was a great guy, despite the fact that he had a hideous moustache.
  • like
  • mike I'm going to call Mike to come over.
  • nike Nike's sponsorship of soccer has helped the sport grow in popularity.
  • OIK
  • pike I went fishing for pike in the lake.
  • wiki I searched for the definition of the word on the wiki page.

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