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How to spell HIPPS correctly?

If "hipps" has been misspelled, possible correct suggestions include "hips" (the correct spelling), "hippies" (if the intended word was related to the counterculture movement) or "hippos" (if the intended word was related to the animal). Using a spell check or looking up the intended word in a dictionary can also help correct the misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell hipps correctly

  • harps The music from the harps filled the room with a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • heaps I have heaps of laundry to do before my trip.
  • hippies During the 1960s, many young people became hippies and embraced a countercultural lifestyle.
  • hippo The hippo was wading through the muddy waters of the river.
  • hippos Hippos are known for their powerful jaws and aggressive behavior.
  • hippy My neighbor is a hippy who practices yoga and eats organic food.
  • Hips I want to show you my hips.
  • hoops When it comes to basketball, making a slam dunk is much more impressive than shooting free throws or sinking hoops.
  • hopes She hopes to visit her family this summer.
  • Hopis The Hopis are known for their intricate pottery and traditional dances.
  • hops I hope to get to the hops harvest next weekend.
  • hypes The company always hypes up their new products, but they often fail to live up to the expectations they create.
  • Phipps Phipps is the youngest of six children.

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