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How to spell HITTED correctly?

If you often find yourself writing "hitted" instead of "hit", fear not, it happens! Here are some helpful alternatives to avoid this common misspelling: struck, impacted, collided, smacked or delivered a blow. Remember, using correct spelling is crucial for effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell hitted correctly

  • Chatted I chatted with my neighbor for hours over a cup of tea.
  • Cited She cited several sources in her research paper.
  • dittoed I dittoed my friend's comment about the movie being boring.
  • Fitted
  • halted The production line was abruptly halted due to a malfunction in the machine.
  • Hasted
  • hated She hated the way he always chewed with his mouth open.
  • hatred Her hatred towards her ex-boyfriend fueled her determination to move on and find someone better.
  • hatted She hatted herself after realizing she had left her favorite hat in the movie theater.
  • hatter The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland is a famous fictional hatter.
  • heated The heated argument between the two neighbors could be heard from outside.
  • Hefted I hefted the box of dishes and carried it to the kitchen.
  • heisted The diamond necklace was heisted by a skilled thief.
  • Hided I hided behind the tree to watch the birds.
  • Hied He hied himself to the airport to catch a flight to his hometown.
  • Hiked We hiked to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset.
  • Hinted The detective hinted at a possible suspect.
  • hired The company hired a new accountant to manage their finances.
  • Hitched I have never hitched a ride before.
  • hitter She's a great hitter for her age group.
  • hitters The hitters on the team are looking to improve their batting average.
  • Hived The old man had a mound of dirt next to his house, where he hived his beehives.
  • Hoisted The sailors hoisted the anchor and set sail.
  • Hooted
  • hosted Our website is hosted by Microsoft.
  • hotbed The hotbed of the virus was in the server room.
  • hotter I found a hotter party than ours.
  • hunted
  • kited
  • knitted She knitted a sweater for her son's birthday.
  • pitted The lake was a beautiful sight, but the surface was pitted with sunken boats.
  • Shirted I shirted my son before we went out to play in the snow.
  • Sited The project was sited near the wetlands to protect them.
  • titter The group of girls couldn't help but titter when they saw the cute new guy walk into the classroom.
  • Whetted The smell of fresh food cooking whetted our appetites.
  • Whited The Whited walked into the bar.
  • Witted He was quick-witted and could come up with a response to any situation.

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