How to spell HJOURS correctly?

We think the word hjours is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell hjours correctly

  • course "Why, of course," he said.
  • hoarse A hoarse exclamation of pain came from Holk Or.
  • honours Charmed with the prospect of doing the honours of the table, Tonine only asked me if my friends would go away after supper.
  • hooks "I have come away without fish-hooks," he observed.
  • hops They did not leave him long to rest; for one of them, making a few hops towards him, came so close, that it might have been supposed the crocodile could have seized it in his jaws.
  • horse They all went out together for Sanchia's horse.
  • horus The king Horus took the place of the Great Mother as the avenger of the gods.
  • hours That will be about three hours from the time I put it on."
  • house "Not only Treliss-this house-everything.
  • hus
  • majors
  • scours She scoured the house for her missing phone.
  • Hers
  • Houris I will offer you Houris in exchange for your kidney.
  • Houses
  • Jeers I'll take my jeers where I can get them.
  • Hairs
  • Hocks
  • hurts The pain hurts tremendously.
  • horns The horns on the monster's head are so big it's frightening.
  • honors I was honored to receive an honorary degree from my alma mater.
  • joys
  • hugs My best friend loves getting hugs from me.
  • hoards Her hoards of books formed a small part of her vast library.
  • jokers I'm not the only one who's a joker around here.
  • jars
  • hogs
  • humors There are many different humors in the world.
  • hoes
  • hubs The hubs will be meeting with managers from each department to discuss the new hire process.
  • hears I hear muffled sobs coming from the other room.
  • honks The driver of the truck let out a long honk in response to the cyclist's incomplete turn.
  • hums She hums a happy tune to herself as she makes her way down the street.
  • jogs I need to jog to work to clear my head.
  • hurls He quickly got to his feet and hurled a rock at the offending cat.
  • hues The colors in the room hues together beautifully.
  • heirs The heirs to the throne are the children of the current king and queen.
  • HRS
  • HOS
  • COORS The beer was a disappointment, I found that I preferred the Coors I had recently bought in California.
  • HONS I refuse to shake hands with a HON.
  • HOTS I need some hots for my cold chocolate.
  • CURS Please enter your five letters.
  • HOBS I think I'll go to the store and get some groceries.
  • HODS Her car was covered in Hods.
  • HOLS I wonder what HOLS is all about.
  • hoers The group of horses peered nervously over the edge of the cliff.
  • homers The homerun was a highlight of the game.
  • hookups I'm looking for a hookups.
  • hovers The hawk hovered over the field.
  • hikers One group of hikers was seen coming down the mountain.
  • goers The attendees of the party were lively and lively riders.
  • Huns The population of the town is always growing because of the influx of the huns

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