Correct spelling for HM

We think the word hm is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for hm

  • bm [Note 64: dotchaid L dodcaid BM luige dige BM luige re dig H]
  • cm "He replied in this letter, which is pinned to the copy of mine, that, about four years ago, he supplied a pair of glasses to Mr. Jeffrey Blackmore, and described them thus: 'The spectacles were for constant use and had steel frames of Stopford's pattern with curl sides, the length of the side-bars including the curled ends being 13.3 cm.
  • em Ses I, "Did you kick em down stairs?"
  • fm European Union AM 866, FM 13,396, shortwave 73 (1998); note - sum of individual country radio broadcast stations; there is also a European-wide station (Euroradio)
  • gm Budytes viridis, Gm. Anthus rutulus, Vieill.
  • ha I wish the picture would keep still a minute-in Robinson Crusoe it all stayed still and one could sit and look at it, the blue sea and the green palm trees and the black footprints in the yellow sand-but this blamed thing keeps rippling and flickering all the time- Ha!
  • ham Place ham on platter, pour off fat in the pan, add one-fourth cup of cider or weak vinegar; bring to boiling point, and pour around ham.
  • he "No, no," he answered: "no.
  • hem "There is a bit of Holland," said Ruth, as they crossed the waterway on the ragged hem of the town.
  • hf Y-COMEN, pp. come, HF. 1074; A 3942, B 1687; Y-come, pp. A 77, B 755; 7. 25; T. v. 71; ycome aboute, come about, passed, B 3364.
  • hg Initially this increase in pressure does not cause organ failure but does prevent organs from working properly - this is called intra-abdominal hypertension and is defined as a pressure over 12 mm Hg in adults.
  • hi " Hi, Mike," she said softly.
  • hm Hm-m-m, said G.G. Well.
  • hmo Like an HMO, an ACO is "an entity that will be 'held accountable for providing comprehensive health services to a population.
  • hq Country HQ showcases new talent on the rise in the country music scene down under.
  • hr A new bill, the Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act of 2015 (HR 2268) would prohibit all corporal punishment, defined as "paddling, spanking, or other forms of physical punishment, however light, imposed upon a student", the petition was closed.
  • hum It is a golden crown in the daytime, as it shines on high above the hum of the city streets in the clear mid-day light.
  • hz Conventional audiometry tests frequencies between 250 hertz ( Hz) and 8 k Hz, whereas high frequency audiometry tests in the region of 8 k Hz-16 k Hz.
  • nm Curacao territorial sea: 12 nm exclusive fishing zone: 12 nm
  • ohm THE OHM. -It is calculated in this way: There are several standards, but the one most generally employed is the International Ohm. To determine it, by this system, a column of pure mercury, 106.3 millimeters long and weighing 14.4521 grams, is used.
  • sm =adnata=, W. G. Sm. P. 6-8 cm. yellowish-buff with patches of the volva; g. adnate, crowded, white; s. 5-9 cm. fibrillose, buff, volva almost obsolete; sp. subglobose, 7-8.
  • H From Murree, Colonel C. H.T. Marshall tells us that this species "breeds in the valleys, at about 4000 or 5000 feet up, in the end of June.
  • Him The doctor looked at him quickly.
  • M Then Sauvetat, 16 m.
  • HMS As one of the boats of HMS Ganges, forming part of the British fleet in the Piraeus, with Lieutentant Breen, Mr Chatfield, midshipman, and 16 men, was returning from the shore, laden with water, she was swamped and turned over just half-way between the Queen and the east point of the island of Lypso.
  • CHM In their sample, Aetiocetus is the second-most basal mysticete; two undescribed museum specimens, ChM, are considered the most basal mysticetes in this phylogeny.
  • HMM IBM Model 5: fixes deficiencies (ensures that no two words can be aligned to the same position) HMM Vogel et.
  • HS Busy Bee launched its first Hawker Siddeley HS.
  • HT HT Immediate BlockAck 2.
  • AM Tell me that I am wrong, O!
  • QM Previous brevets Brevets prior to 2003 (when roles became represented by the single WSO brevet) include "N" (navigator), "LM" (air loadmaster), "AE" (air electronics operator), "B" (bomb aimer), "AG" (air gunner), "AS" (air steward) (replaced by "Cabin Crew"), "M" (meteorological observer), "QM" (air quartermaster), "S" (air signaller), and "RO" (radio observer).
  • WM
  • unnotable
  • unmarkedly

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