How to spell HOCHEY correctly?

We think the word hochey is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell hochey correctly

  • ache
  • achy I am so achy from the cold that I can't move my arms.
  • Che Che is a common slang term in Argentine Spanish that is used as a greeting or to get someone's attention.
  • chew John is chewing on a chunk of gum.
  • chewy My favorite type of meat is chewy.
  • FOCH
  • hatched The chicks hatched from their eggs this morning.
  • hatchery The hatchery houses the fledgling hawks before they are released into the wild.
  • hatches The chicken hatches from the egg after 21 days.
  • hatchet I found the hatchet in the tool shed.
  • hershey Hershey's chocolate is known worldwide.
  • Hey Hey, did you hear the news about the upcoming concert?
  • hickey
  • Hitched Last summer, my cousin got hitched and we all traveled to Hawaii for the wedding.
  • hitcher The hitcher was soaked through.
  • hitches The camping trip went smoothly until they encountered several hitches in setting up their tent.
  • hock I couldn't believe how much money I got for selling my old guitar at the pawn shop; they gave me $500 and only hocked it for $750.
  • hockey My son loves playing hockey with his friends.
  • Hoed Don't forget to wear your Hoed.
  • hoes I have a few pairs of shoes I can wear with skirts or pants.
  • hokey The film's plot was hokey and predictable.
  • hole I dug a hole in the ground to put my toys in.
  • holey The old socks had multiple holey spots that needed mending.
  • Holley The Holley engine is popular among enthusiasts.
  • holy The holy scriptures are revered by millions of people around the world.
  • home I feel most comfortable when I'm at home.
  • homey She greeted everyone at the homey party with a big smile.
  • honcho He's the honcho of this entire company.
  • hone I need to hone my skills on the golf course.
  • honey
  • hooch During the prohibition era, many people resorted to making their own illicit hooch.
  • hooey This is some hooey.
  • hope I hope that we can make the world a better place.
  • horsey The little girl was delighted to go for a ride on the horsey carousel at the amusement park.
  • hose I need to buy a new garden hose for my backyard.
  • Hove She hove to with great effort in order to avoid the collision.
  • howe The howe is a river in eastern England.
  • Huey I never saw Huey as an asshole, he's usually pretty laid back.
  • hutches The rabbits lived in the wooden hutches in the backyard.
  • koch
  • louche His louche behavior made her question his true intentions.
  • OCH
  • ocher The cloak was an ocher color.
  • Roche Roche is a French pharmaceutical company.
  • touche That was a close call, but I managed to get away with a touche.
  • touchy I can't believe she's so touchy about the whole thing.

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  • exerted
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