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How to spell HOEMLESS correctly?

If you accidentally typed "hoemless" instead of "homeless", fear not! Autocorrect and spell-check can come to your rescue. Suggestions like "homeless", "holiness" or "homeliness" may appear, but you should select "homeless" as the correct spelling for individuals without permanent housing.

List of suggestions on how to spell hoemless correctly

  • formless The painting appeared to be formless, lacking any discernible shapes or figures.
  • gormless I can't believe he's gormless enough to fall for her tricks again.
  • harmless The spider in the corner was mostly harmless and could stay there.
  • heedless The driver was heedless of the stop sign and drove straight through it.
  • Heelless The heelless shoes were difficult to walk in, but they looked fashionable.
  • homeless The homeless man sleeps under the bridge.
  • hopeless I felt hopeless when I couldn't find my missing dog.
  • hornless The bull in the paddock is unusual, being hornless.

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