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How to spell HOIGH correctly?

The correct spelling for "hoigh" could be "high" or "height". Other possible suggestions include "hoard", "hoist" or "honey". It's important to consider the context in which the misspelling occurred and choose a word that makes sense in that context.

List of suggestions on how to spell hoigh correctly

  • bough The robin perched on the bough of the oak tree.
  • dough I need to make some dough for the pizza crust.
  • height The height of the tower was nearly 500 feet.
  • high The high altitude gave me a headache.
  • highs The stock market reached new highs yesterday.
  • Hodge Hodge refused to attend the meeting.
  • hog
  • hoick I had to hoick up my pants to avoid tripping on the stairs.
  • hooch The bootlegger was caught selling hooch to minors.
  • Hugh Hugh Jackman is one of the most famous Hughs in the world.
  • leigh My little Leigh was so excited to see her Grandma.
  • lough The sun was setting over the lough, casting the sky in hues of pink and purple.
  • neigh The sound of a neigh was heard as the horse approached the gate.
  • nigh The end of the year is nigh, and it's time to make resolutions for the upcoming one.
  • sigh I sigh when I think about how I'll have to do this all over again tomorrow.
  • sough The gentle sough of the breeze through the trees was hypnotic.
  • thigh I have a big thigh.
  • though I though you said you wouldn't come.
  • weigh

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