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How to spell HOILY correctly?

The correct spelling of "hoily" could be "holy", which means sacred or pure. Another suggestion could be "hoary", which means gray or old. It's important to check the context of the word to determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell hoily correctly

  • doily Grandma placed the doily over the center of the dining table before setting it with the fine china.
  • hail The hail storm damaged my car.
  • hazily The landscape was hazily visible through the misty morning air.
  • hill I love to go for a hike up the hill during the fall season.
  • hilly The hilly terrain made it difficult for the hikers to climb to the top.
  • hilt The knight gripped his sword tightly by the hilt.
  • hold I will hold your hand and guide you through the dark forest.
  • hole
  • holey I need to throw away these holey socks and buy new ones.
  • Holley Holley is a brand of high-performance carburetors frequently used in racing.
  • holly The holly tree in our backyard was covered in red berries during the holiday season.
  • HOLS
  • Holt
  • holy The holy water from the church was blessed by the priest.
  • homely Despite the big fancy house, she always felt more comfortable and homely in a small cottage.
  • homily The priest delivered a homily on forgiveness and compassion during Sunday mass.
  • hotly The debate continued hotly between the two politicians.
  • hourly
  • howl The wind made the trees howl in the darkness.
  • hoyle
  • oil
  • oily The oily substance on the floor made it incredibly slippery.

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