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How to spell HOLL correctly?

If you've accidentally misspelled "holl", worry not! It might be a misspelling of "hall", referring to a large room or building for gathering. Another possible correction could be "hole", pertaining to an opening or gap. Always double-check spellings to ensure clear communication in written texts!

List of suggestions on how to spell holl correctly

  • boll The boll was bursting with cotton, ready for harvest.
  • Coll
  • doll My daughter loves to play with her favorite doll every day.
  • FOLL
  • hall The grand hall was decorated with chandeliers and intricate artwork.
  • he'll He'll be happy to see you when he comes home.
  • hill We had to hike up the hill to get to the top of the mountain.
  • hold Please hold the door for me as I carry this heavy box.
  • hole I need to patch the hole in my sweater before wearing it.
  • holly During the winter months, holly bushes are a popular decoration for the holiday season.
  • HOLS I am taking my hols in Hawaii next month.
  • Holt
  • holy The holy book is a revered text for members of the religious community.
  • howl
  • hull
  • loll Tom likes to loll on the beach for hours.
  • moll The moll was slowly sliding along the rocks by the shore, trying to avoid the waves.
  • poll I decided to conduct a poll to gather opinions from my coworkers about the new company policy.
  • roll He had to roll the dice to determine his fate.
  • toll I don't think I'll pay the toll.
  • who'll Who'll be joining us for dinner tonight?

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