Correct spelling for HONIES

We think the word honies is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for honies

  • hone Ebenezer says there's so many customers in his place waitin' to be next with the paper that he ain't hardly got room to hone up his razors after Wednesday's work.
  • honest Hilton is quite honest.
  • honey Does he know about it, honey?
  • Ones The little ones were afraid.
  • Ponies Why, not to ride either of the ponies until after Christmas.
  • Hans Is it not, Hans!
  • Hines In early years Clark had paid the child's board through his lawyer to an Omaha woman named Hines, and had later sent him to college.
  • Haynes There is Dr. Haynes, whose large dark head and heavy shoulders look as if they sustained the whole weight of an intolerable world.
  • Honeys The theory is thus only a different application of natural selection; Professor Henslow, on the other hand, stands alone in denying the selection, and believing that the insects directly developed the scents, honeys, colours, and shapes by mechanical irritation.
  • horns On farms where breeding is conducted, the most desirable method is to prevent the horns from growing on the young calves.
  • honors It is possible for a man to graduate with honors from our leading medical colleges without knowing what "vital statistics" means.
  • hinges The hinges are rusty and will squeak loudly.
  • hoes All four kept their places around the vat, held tight to their rakes and hoes, while the car, just missing the dynamite, hurled its mass of two tons through the back wall of the building, and spent its force against a tree-trunk.
  • monies Had another example of the bad system of collecting monies, as often in Mahometan States, by means of common soldiers.
  • honks
  • phonies
  • hones
  • HONS
  • HIES
  • hornier
  • horniest
  • hankies
  • phones
  • Huns
  • passivist
  • accroaching
  • affirmings
  • forgoings
  • in-scrutability
  • inearthing
  • meltings
  • retributed
  • ruckled
  • ruckles

79 words made from the letters honies

5 letter words made from honies:

shein, noise, hinse, sihon, sohni, shion, sinoe, shine, noshi, oshin, hones, eison, sheni, senoi, heins, senio, hosei, hosni, enshi, heino, shoei, inose, shino, hosie, sohei, shoin, honse, ineos, isone, seoni, shoen, eosin, oshie, shoni, henio.

4 letter words made from honies:

insh, nose, hoei, hisn, sieh, seoi, hone, sone, ohne, hoes, hino, hose, shoe, hens, sine, nieh, sein, heon, shin, neoh, nosh, osen, shio, snoh, eons, sion, sehn, enoh.

3 letter words made from honies:

hie, soh, hin, eon, sin, eos, son, inh, one, sen, iso, hen, ion, neo, hoe, ies.

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