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How to spell HOODIS correctly?

If you're trying to spell "hoodie", there are a few possible corrections for "hoodis". One option is to simply add the "e" at the end. Another is to replace the "i" with a "y", which is a common spelling variation. Alternatively, you could try using spell-check or asking someone else for help.

List of suggestions on how to spell hoodis correctly

  • Foods Foods high in saturated fat are not good for your heart.
  • goodies I picked up some cute little goodies for my guests.
  • goods The store offers a variety of goods ranging from electronics to clothing.
  • HODS I can't believe he won't give me his HODs number.
  • holds She holds her baby tightly in her arms.
  • hood My hood fell off my jacket during a brisk walk.
  • Hooding I witnessed the tradition of hooding during my brother's graduation ceremony.
  • hoodoo Some people believe in the power of hoodoo to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.
  • hoods The hoods of the cars in the parking lot were caked with frost.
  • Hoofs The sound of hoofs echoed through the valley as the wild horses galloped away.
  • hooks He always carries a fishhook in his pocket, just in case he comes across a fishing spot where he can cast his hooks.
  • hoops The basketball players were practicing their shots from different angles and distances, throwing hoops after hoops into the net.
  • hoots The owls outside my window are disturbing my sleep with their loud hoots.
  • Hopis The Hopis are a Native American tribe living primarily in Arizona.
  • hordes The hordes of zombies were a serious threat to the survivors.
  • Moods I'm feeling a little bit jittery today; I think it's just because of my moods.
  • Odis A statue of Odis stands in the center of the city.
  • roods The church tower was measured in roods.
  • woodies
  • woods We went hiking through the woods and discovered a beautiful waterfall.

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