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How to spell HOPPS correctly?

If you are trying to correct the misspelling "hopps", consider these possible alternatives: "hops", which refers to a type of plant used in brewing beer; "hoops", indicating circular objects used in various activities; or "hopes", expressing desires or aspirations. Remember to proofread your work carefully to avoid such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell hopps correctly

  • harps The angel in the painting was depicted playing harps in heaven.
  • heaps
  • hippos The hippos were swimming in the water.
  • Hips
  • hoops I love playing basketball and shooting hoops with my friends.
  • hopes
  • Hopis The Hopis are a Native American tribe known for their agriculture and intricate crafts.
  • hoppers The farmer filled up the hoppers with corn to distribute it to the chickens.
  • hops The brewmaster added the hops to the boiling water to create a distinct bitter flavor in the beer.
  • hypes The company's marketing team hypes up their new product release to generate buzz and anticipation among their target audience.
  • HYPOS During the surgery, the patient experienced hypos due to the decrease in blood sugar levels.

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