Correct spelling for HOSILE

We think the word hosile is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for hosile

  • aisle There are neither boards nor stones to cut this cooking room off from the open aisle of the house, but its width is determined by a low pile of stones built along its farther side from the outer house wall toward the aisle and ending at the rear left post of the four central ones.
  • docile The North American Indian is by drinking made insolent, ferocious, and brutal, and with a knife in his hand he is always a dangerous character; but the Indians of Yucatan when intoxicated are only more docile and submissive.
  • hail How all the world had changed with its coming, this love which hail been born in an hour what time he had listened to a woman's voice beside the stockade wall, and how the very soul within him had changed also.
  • hale And know that he is now hale and hearty at King Arthur's court, and he bids him tell the Queen to come thither, if she will consent, in company with my lord Gawain and Kay.
  • hassle A printed papers ease of access meant that more individuals could read a single copy, and that everyone who read the paper had the ability to send a letter to the editor without the hassle of registering or paying for the subscription.
  • hazel "It's the perfect flower," returned Hazel.
  • hazily It all passed hazily through his sleep-clogged brain.
  • hill Then he turned and slowly climbed the hill.
  • hobble I told him that if he killed another buffalo I would have to hog-hobble him and send him out of town; then rode off and left him.
  • hoist Eleseus arranged the funeral, and managed things very well; got hold of a fuchsia or so from the cottages round, and borrowed a flag to hoist at half-mast, and bought some black stuff from the store for lowered blinds.
  • holey
  • holler
  • holy
  • homily
  • hoosier
  • horse
  • hose
  • hosea
  • hosier
  • hosiery
  • hostel
  • hostile
  • hostler
  • hotel
  • house
  • hovel
  • howl
  • howler
  • hoyle
  • hustle
  • isle
  • lisle
  • sale
  • sill
  • silo
  • soil
  • sole
  • Hosteler
  • Rosily
  • Hollis
  • Hallie "His cheeks aren't red now," said Hallie; "and he has wrinkles all around his eyes, just like an old man.
  • Rosalie
  • Hollie
  • Holley
  • holes Her eyes were so sunk in her head, they looked like two burnt holes in a blanket.
  • hails And verily, before I has went hardly any distance at all, somebody hails me.
  • howls
  • nosily
  • HOS
  • HOLS
  • hosing
  • hoses
  • holier
  • hole One hole is not sufficient, as a cock bird will often block the one opening and keep other birds off their eggs until they are chilled.
  • in-tangible
  • in-vesting
  • in-vestings

81 words made from the letters hosile

4 letter words made from hosile:

hilo, heil, seli, sole, osel, loei, hose, lies, ileo, losi, ohel, elio, soil, solh, hoel, hole, silo, heol, ihle, shoe, holi, elhi, sieh, sloe, siel, hoes, lesh, oeil, olie, sihl, leio, lieh, seoi, isle, shio, lose, ehlo, hoei.

3 letter words made from hosile:

hel, iso, hoe, oil, eos, ies, sol, ilo, soh, lie, leo, sle, hie, lei.

5 letter words made from hosile:

holes, leish, heilo, sohel, helio, soile, hiles, shoei, hielo, solih, solei, oshie, hosie, osiel, heils, sileo, sohei, hosel, hisle, hisel, lohse, hosei, helos.

6 letter words made from hosile:

hloise, soheil, hoiles, isohel, oliseh, helios.

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