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How to spell HOTAL correctly?

The correct spelling of "hotal" is "hotel". It is possible that the misspelling was a result of typing errors or lack of attention. To avoid similar mistakes in the future, utilizing spell check or proofreading can help ensure correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell hotal correctly

  • coital The coital experience can be enhanced with mutual respect and communication.
  • fatal The car accident was Sariah's brother had been involved in was fatal.
  • fetal During the prenatal period, the fetus goes through various changes in order to transform into a fully-formed fetal body.
  • foetal The doctor performed an ultrasound to check on the foetal development of the baby.
  • Hal I saw Hal over there.
  • halal It is obligatory to eat halal food.
  • heal I need to heal the emotional wounds inflicted by my ex-boyfriend.
  • hostel I am looking for a cheap hostel to stay in while I am in Amsterdam.
  • hot I wish I could stay and drink my hot coffee, but I have to get going.
  • hotel My uncle stayed at a hotel last night.
  • hotels I need to book some hotels for my upcoming vacation.
  • hotly
  • HOTS I have a major case of the hots for that guy over there.
  • hovel The old woman was dirty and her hovel smelled of crude oil.
  • howl
  • html I cannot open this file in HTML format.
  • ITAL I want to Ital this party.
  • metal The metal detector beeps its warning.
  • modal I am studying the modal verbs in English grammar.
  • mortal "We must remember that we are all mortal and that our time on earth is limited.
  • motel After a long day of traveling, we decided to take a quick motel break.
  • natal The natal day of my mom is on March 15th.
  • Nodal Nodal is a biopolymer that is used to make surgical thread.
  • petal She petal the blossom.
  • portal The portal transports me to a different world.
  • total The total price of the car was higher than I had anticipated.
  • vital It is vital that we follow safety protocols during the pandemic.

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