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How to spell HOTTES correctly?

If you meant to type "hottes" but realized it was misspelled, there are a few possible correct suggestions. "Hotter" refers to something with a higher temperature, "hotels" are accommodations for travelers, and "hostess" refers to a female host. These options could help in finding the correct word you intended to write.

List of suggestions on how to spell hottes correctly

  • COTES The winemaker stored the wine barrels in the cotes, keeping them cool and dark until ready for bottling.
  • cotters I spotted two cotters on the side of the road.
  • DOTES My grandmother dotes on her grandchildren and spoils us with love and treats.
  • Hates She hates spiders and always runs away from them.
  • hatter The Hatter in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" was known for his love of tea and eccentric behavior.
  • hitter The baseball team needs a strong hitter in their lineup to score more runs.
  • hitters The batting order is hitters before pitchers.
  • hoes
  • hogties She was wearing hogties.
  • holes
  • homes She loved homes, anything that had a hint of the homemaker in her.
  • hones
  • hooter I heard the sound of a hooter from the distance, signaling the start of the race.
  • hoots I heard some weird hoots outside my window this morning.
  • hopes
  • hordes Thousands of spectators watched as the hordes of zombies marched across the field.
  • hoses The firefighters quickly attached their hoses to the hydrant to put out the fire.
  • hostess The hostess greeted each guest at the door with a smile and a warm welcome.
  • hosts The hosts of the party welcomed their guests with a warm smile.
  • hotel I need to book a hotel room for my upcoming trip to New York City.
  • hotels Today, we are visiting some of London's best hotels.
  • hotness The hotness of the sun made me wish I had brought a hat.
  • HOTS I have a major crush on him, I have serious hots for him.
  • hotter The temperature outside is getting hotter every hour.
  • hottest The hottest day of the year is always a blast.
  • MOTES The sunbeams that shone through the window were thick with motes of dust, creating a hazy atmosphere in the room.
  • Mottoes The school's mottoes are "knowledge is power" and "learning never ends.
  • notes She took careful notes during the presentation.
  • oates Joyce Carol Oates is a celebrated author who has written over 100 books.
  • Otters Otters are known for their playful behavior and love of water.
  • potters The potters guild was founded in the 1400s.
  • potties
  • Potts My friend's last name is Potts.
  • TOTES I totes love to cook!
  • totters I'm a totters
  • VOTES The candidate gained more votes than any other in the election.

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