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How to spell HOUAING correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "houaing" may be "housing", "hauling", "hounding" or "hoarding". However, based on context clues, "housing" is likely the intended word.

List of suggestions on how to spell houaing correctly

  • hauling The truck driver was busy hauling a huge load of logs.
  • hocking
  • Hoeing I saw my neighbor hoeing the soil in her garden this morning.
  • Hogging He was hogging the entire couch, leaving no room for anyone else to sit.
  • Holing Tony was holing up in his bedroom until the storm passed.
  • homing The homing pigeon always returned to its owner's coop.
  • Honing
  • Hooding The tradition of hooding PhD graduates is a symbol of their achievement and signifies their elevation to the status of scholar.
  • hoofing I took my horse out for a ride this morning, hoofing it around the pasture.
  • hooking He was caught hooking a fish on a fishing pole.
  • Hooping Hooping is a great activity to improve your coordination and balance.
  • Hooting I heard the sound of hooting owls in the forest last night.
  • Hoping Hoping to make a good impression, he wore his finest suit to the job interview.
  • Hopping The rabbits were joyfully hopping around in the grassy field.
  • hording The hording of supplies is becoming a widespread issue during times of crisis.
  • Horsing I love horsing around with my siblings during family gatherings.
  • hosing After cleaning the patio, I was hosing down the outdoor furniture.
  • houdini He was a renowned magician, known as Houdini.
  • housing
  • howling The howling wind made the tree's branches shake, and the leaves rustled.
  • Huang

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