How to spell HOUASE correctly?

We think the word houase is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell houase correctly

  • hausa The epithet agrestis is peculiarly applicable to the rude Fulah shepherds, who were almost barbarians compared with the settled, industrious, and even cultured Hausa populations, and whose oppressive rule has at last been relaxed by the intervention of England in the Niger-Benue lands.
  • haze The rest of the garden seemed to be swimming in a haze around her, but she stubbornly ignored that, and bent again to her work, fixing her attention once more with all her resolution upon the great rose-red berries that were waiting to be gathered.
  • hearse Many people turned to look at Jacques walking bareheaded in rear of the hearse.
  • hoarse They spoke to one another in hoarse whispers, so low that I could not distinguish a word.
  • horse To Maulmont and back, 1 horse, 15 frs.
  • horsey 'Twixt School and College, by GORDON STABLES, has nothing to do with horsey experiences, as suggested by the author's name, but is the uneventful home-life of a poor Scotch laddie, who triumphs by dint of pluck.
  • hose But Winona-she spoke of the gift as hose-put the sinister things away at the bottom of her third bureau drawer.
  • hosea Here in the immediate vicinity of the throne where, in former days, all eyes had sparkled with hope, ambition, gratitude, fear, loyalty, or hate, Hosea now encountered only drooping heads and downcast looks.
  • hours The rest could wait twelve hours.
  • house I understand he is all alone in the house."
  • Has The Queen has left.
  • Houses Now, it is well built over with modern houses.
  • Housed All hands felt that we were as snugly housed for the winter as the big grizzly bears in their lairs among the rocks.
  • hoes When he was satisfied with the ploughing, he had the axes and grub-hoes ground, and set the men to work cutting out the smaller growth of willows of underbrush in the strip of birches that stretched close up to the homestead from the bluff.
  • hues Who would believe that no curling-irons had touched the little golden locks that rest so gracefully on her brow, that no paint-brush had any share in producing the rose and white hues on her cheek, or the alabaster glimmer of her arms?
  • HaaS Haas alone could have answered the first question.
  • HOS Hos igitur Jesuitas, Heluones, hypocritas, Fuge, si caelestia quaeras.
  • hoarser He was angry himself, and more than angry, for his cheek paled, and his stern features grew more hard, while his voice dropped to a hoarser tone.

List of 48 words made from the word houase

3 letter words made from houase:

eos, oas, hoe, sou, ash, hue, use, hus, usa, soh, sha, sue, hao, sea.

4 letter words made from houase:

oahe, eous, shoe, saue, osha, soha, suea, hues, seha, ohau, houe, shuo, shou, esau, oseu, hose, hoes, oahu, oshu, soua, eash, shue, suao, ashe, shua, haue, huse.

5 letter words made from houase:

hause, hosea, haseo, huaso, hueso, house, oesau.

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