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How to spell HOUCE correctly?

If you misspelled "houce", the correct word you might have intended to type is "house". To avoid such mistakes, it's advisable to proofread your text carefully before finalizing it. Utilizing spell-check tools or seeking assistance from grammar-checking programs can also help improve your spelling accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell houce correctly

  • choice I have to make a difficult choice between staying here and moving to a new place.
  • deuce We played tennis and I won the game with a score of forty-forty, deuce, and then advantage.
  • douse The firefighter quickly moved to douse the blazing inferno with water from the hose.
  • force The tornado was a powerful force that ravaged the small town.
  • hence I ate too much candy last night, hence why I am not hungry this morning.
  • hock I have a hock of lamb for dinner.
  • Hodge
  • hoick He gave the rope a hoick and hoisted the flag up the pole.
  • hole The hole in the wall needed to be patched up.
  • home
  • hone I need to hone my skills before my next job interview.
  • hooch The soldiers searched the area for any signs of illegal hooch production.
  • hooke
  • hope I hope that my hard work pays off in the end.
  • horace
  • horde The horde of screaming schoolchildren was enough to make anyone run for the hills.
  • horse The horse galloped across the field in excitement.
  • hose I have a long hose which I can use to water my plants.
  • hour I spent an hour at the gym this morning.
  • houri In Islam, a houri is a virgin woman of Paradise who is created as a reward for faithful men in the afterlife.
  • hours I can't wait for my work hours to be over so that I can go home and relax.
  • house I'm going to clean the house this weekend.
  • Housed
  • Houses
  • Hove I hove the boat into the dock with ease.
  • howe Howe is an old word meaning "hill.
  • hoyle The hoyle book is a great read for anyone looking for a humorous take on the world of Mahjong.
  • huck Huck Finn tied a knot in the tree with a piece of rope and climbed up.
  • hue The color yellow is called a "hue.
  • huge I saw a huge red flower.
  • hume No one has ever discovered what David Hume was thinking.
  • joyce
  • louse The louse infestation in the school was so bad that they had to close it down for a week.
  • luce
  • mouse The mouse scurried across the floor, seeking a crumb of food to eat.
  • puce The puce-colored tie perfectly matched his brown suit.
  • rouse The loud noise from the fire alarm did not rouse the sleeping baby.
  • Royce His car, the Royce, was one of the showiest in the lot.
  • sauce I like to put extra sauce on my pizza.
  • source I never heard of that source before.
  • souse My uncle loves to souse his fish in vinegar before cooking it.
  • voice She spoke in a low, soothing voice to calm the frightened child.

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