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How to spell HOURD correctly?

The correct spelling for "hourd" could likely be "hoard", meaning to accumulate and store excessively. Another suggestion could be "hourly", indicating something that occurs on an hourly basis. It is important to double check spelling to convey clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell hourd correctly

  • chord
  • dour Despite the sunny day, the old man looked dour and unhappy.
  • gourd
  • hard
  • heard
  • herd
  • hoard The old man had a hoard of coins hidden in his mattress.
  • hoards The dragon hoards jewels and treasures in his lair.
  • hod I found a hod of apples in the back of the pantry.
  • Hoed She had to hoed her vegetable garden with her garden hoe.
  • hold
  • hood
  • horde The horde of tourists overwhelmed the small town's restaurants and shops.
  • horrid Her horrid expression made me reconsider my position.
  • hound
  • hour
  • houri
  • hours
  • Housed Houses are typically housed in a specific part of a city.
  • howard Howard is my colleague and I always enjoy working with him.
  • hud
  • hued The sky was deep blue hued with purple and black.
  • hurt The pain from the fall hurt pretty badly.
  • tour They booked a tour of the historic city.

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