What is the correct spelling for HOURDES?

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Correct spelling for HOURDES

We think the word hourdes is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for hourdes

  • hades I have scarcely known whether I should have to consider them as wholly of earth, or regard them as from Hades; or even be 'sucked in' with the other old Perfectionists.
  • hoarder It is a pleasant fancy to imagine some ambitious hoarder of wealth, some egotistical founder of name and family, returning to find his descendants-HIS descendants-after the lapse of a few brief generations.
  • horde But a vast multitude stopped his progress, for a fearful horde of released prisoners with Orion at their head had come rushing down to the scene of the festival yelling: "Fire!
  • hours
  • hurdles
  • Houris
  • Houses
  • Lourdes
  • Horses
  • hounds
  • hurts
  • hoods On the confines of the City and the Temple had been founded, in the thirteenth century, a House of Carmelite Friars, distinguished by their white hoods.
  • hoards Private hoards of food will be confiscated and placed in the community warehouse.
  • hides "Also," continued Old Mother Nature, "you forgot to mention the fact that Jumper never hides in hollow logs and holes in the ground as you do.
  • gourds Pumpkins, gourds, and water-melons were cut to pieces, and most of the vegetables, including the Indian corn, were destroyed.
  • herds And those millions of gallons of beer, the hundreds of thousands of chickens, the herds of oxen.
  • HODS To be sure, they made no use of that ladder, even though they were masons and had their hods of plaster to carry way up near the top of their cliff.
  • HUD'S
  • herders Why does he take chances, then, on losing his stock, and maybe some of his herders by butting in here?
  • hoarders These hoarders of money were visited and courted by all who had any pretence to approach them, and received presents and compliments from cousins who could scarcely tell the degree of their relation.
  • hordes
  • horded
  • in-seminations
  • in-taking
  • meltings

197 words made from the letters hourdes

4 letter words made from hourdes:

hors, sore, reho, duhe, roue, dero, resh, udos, suor, dour, hour, duhr, hedo, dhou, ruhe, hero, rous, ordu, dorh, shou, dohr, rhos, heur, euro, oseu, seor, heru, ruse, druh, redo, urde, oser, hoer, oder, eroh, rods, dher, oude, edur, shuo, surd, user, suro, eros, eudo, duos, herd, oudh, hoes, rude, hose, shue, oure, uhde, eruh, suhr, uher, rhue, deor, suer, rues, houe, rhus, used, uroh, huor, shoe, sour, dose, hore, sdeh, eous, duse, odeh, doru, erhu, shod, shor, hodr, deru, rush, oshu, hues, huse, doer, hued, sure, rohe, sehr, shed, sude, roud, duro, rohu, hord, rose, eohr.

5 letter words made from hourdes:

suder, dohse, horse, house, dores, hoder, resdh, hudes, doseh, derus, rosed, shure, shoud, herds, soeur, rused, roush, rhude, shedu, dersu, erdos, shudo, hueso, doreh, rohde, huser, hores, rudos, redus, drosh, horde, drohs, sudre, horus, hours, shero, resod, suhre, shoed, surdo, herod, duero, sherd, redos, seoud, sored, oudeh, hosur, dures, rushe, shred, shore, usher, duros, sured, hodur, rushd, hoers, huers, roues, houde, hoser, douse, rudes, suero, dorus, rouse, sudor.

3 letter words made from hourdes:

sur, roe, doh, oed, sou, red, doe, hoe, des, rod, dos, ode, sod, res, hue, hud, hod, eos, hus, rue, urd, ore, soh, use, sue, uro, rho, dre, edo, due, duo, esr.

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