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How to spell HOUUSE correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "houuse", fear not! The correct suggestions include "house" or "hoarse". Depending on the context, "house" refers to a place of residence, while "hoarse" describes a rough vocal tone. So, whether you were referring to a home or someone with a throaty voice, you now know the right alternatives!

List of suggestions on how to spell houuse correctly

  • douse After the beach bonfire, we always douse the flames with buckets of water to make sure they are completely out.
  • hoarse My voice sounds hoarse after screaming at the concert last night.
  • horse
  • horus Horus was one of the most significant deities in ancient Egyptian religion.
  • hose I need to clean the car, so I'm going to use the hose to spray it down.
  • hours The party was going to last until hours but they all passed out from drinking so heavily.
  • house I'm going to sell my house and find a smaller one.
  • Housed The art collection is housed in a specially designed gallery.
  • Houses Some houses have a porch and some houses have steps.
  • louse I have a large louse living in my hair.
  • mouse
  • rouse The loud noise outside the window was enough to rouse the sleeping cat from her nap.
  • souse A pot of Souse is a traditional German soup.

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