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How to spell HOWAR correctly?

If you meant to type "howar" but ended up with a misspelling, there are a few possible correct suggestions. It could be "howard", "hoar" or "hoard". "Howard" is a name, "hoar" refers to frost, and "hoard" means to accumulate or store. Proofreading can help avoid such spelling errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell howar correctly

  • bower The garden bower was the perfect spot to relax and read a book.
  • cower The frightened puppy began to cower in the corner when the thunderstorm started.
  • dewar This Dewar is My Friend.
  • dower The wealthy widow was entitled to a substantial dower upon her husband's passing.
  • Hadar The Hadar were a fearsome race of desert-dwellers.
  • Hagar "Sarah asked her maid Hagar to bear a child for her husband Abraham.
  • hear
  • hewer The hewer showed off his skill by carving a wooden sculpture.
  • hoard
  • hoary The hoary old creature peered out from its hiding place.
  • homer The Simpsons references Homer often.
  • honor
  • hour
  • hover
  • how
  • howard Howard is my neighbor who always plants the most beautiful flowers in his garden.
  • howdah The mahout sat atop the elephant's howdah, directing the animal's movements through the crowded streets.
  • howdy
  • howe I need to ask Luke howe's route from the city.
  • howl In the dead of night, a howl echoes through the forest.
  • howler The howler monkey is a type of monkey that howls.
  • iowa Iowa has a large population of cows.
  • lower
  • mower The lawn mower needs a new blade before it can cut the grass efficiently.
  • Noway
  • power She has immense power.
  • rower The rower swiftly propelled the boat forward with each stroke of his oars.
  • shower
  • sower
  • tower
  • war The country had been torn apart by war for years.

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