Correct spelling for HUVERS

We think the word huvers is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for huvers

  • heaves Zhilin looks round at the plates, and noticing that no one has yet touched their soup, heaves a deep sigh, and stares at the flushed and uneasy face of the governess.
  • hives The constable's bees inhabited a row of hives in the narrow strip of garden which ran away at the back of the cottage.
  • hover To this end Kosciusko divided his forces; half of them to not only support the retreat of the prince, but to enable him to hover near Suwarrow, and to keep a watchful eye over his motions; whilst Kosciusko, accompanied by the two Sobieskis, would proceed with the other division towards Brzesc.
  • Hers If one touch of such a love as hers could ever come to her in a thought of his, he might turn into a being as ill-favoured as herself.
  • Hooves With a thunder of hooves they trample what heads may oppose: Terribly, crushingly, tempest-like, onward they sweep: But a spring from the reeds, and the panther is sprawling in air, And with muzzle to dust and black beards foam-lash'd, here and there, Scatter'd they fly, crimson-eyed, track'd with blood to the deep.
  • avers Yet science avers that the manifestations of energy which we call light, radiant heat, magnetism, and electricity, all come from the activities of the electrons.
  • quavers Shake out the music of your speech, In quavers of delicious breath; The conscious melody may teach A lover where love wandereth.
  • quivers Even as when a golden flame up-curled Quivers and flickers out in a dark place, So is it with the flame of Beauty's face- That torch!
  • shivers And as the red ball sinks lower and lower, she suddenly shivers and says: "Do you know what idea just came into my head?
  • havens But 'there is no virtue like necessity,' All places that the eye of heaven visits, Are to a wise man ports and happy havens.
  • hues In the meantime the hours had passed away, and morning had already dawned imperceptibly in the horizon; looking up, I shuddered as I beheld in the east all those splendid hues that announce the rising sun.
  • heavers
  • hurlers
  • hoers
  • heifers
  • hullers
  • haulers
  • hovels
  • Hoovers
  • hovers
  • louvers
  • hummers
  • haves
  • affiancings
  • far-stretched
  • farmhands
  • godparenting
  • intertangled

45 words made from the letters huvers

4 letter words made from huvers:

rhus, rhue, erhu, user, eruv, rush, vehs, huse, ruse, ruhe, suhr, sure, rues, vues, heur, heru, sehr, suer, resh, hues, shue, uher, ruhv, eruh.

5 letter words made from huvers:

huers, huser, rusev, shure, surve, eruvs, versu, suhre, rushe, verus, usher.

3 letter words made from huvers:

suv, rev, esr, rue, res, sur, hue, use, hus, sue.

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