How to spell I'LLO correctly?

We think the word i'llo is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell i'llo correctly

  • all 15,000. Have you got all the articles that are marked in this book?
  • allot It is here furthermore necessary to let the reader know, that the ancients have divided the celestial sphere into twelve parts, according to the number of these signs, which are termed houses; as in the first house, Aries, in the second Taurus, in the third Gemini, etc. And besides their assigning the twelve signs of the twelve houses, they allot to each house its proper business.
  • allow The enemy did not often allow the young gentleman to sleep, and about the windmill the shells were bursting.
  • alloy Except in Norway and Sweden, where the use of iron seems to have immediately followed that of stone and bone, they have been found all over Europe- 3. The narrow limits to the proportions of alloy-nine-tenths copper, and one-tenth tin-there or thereabouts-in the majority of cases.
  • ally Even the Queen was not disinclined to draw the sword in defence of an imperilled and harassed ally.
  • bill Pembroke came next morning to ask me to give him breakfast, and congratulated me on the disappearance of the bill from my window.
  • billow Again had this man to fly for life up the bridge from an advancing billow, which, leaping over the stern of the wreck, nearly overtook him, and at the same time by its great weight and impulse, beat the stern of the steamship a little way round to the west.
  • dill It struck me, 'n' it strikes me now, 'n' it always will strike me, as any one as owns two-fifths of a thing and then buys the whole thing over again owns seven-fifths of it from then on, but Mr. Dill had the face to tell me to my face as it wa'n't so at all.
  • ell Then the inordinate width of sleeves became equally trying, and all were ordered to restrain themselves to sleeves half an ell wide.
  • fill Shall I fill your glass, Fanny?"
  • gill Gildart Garden is named after Mr. Gildart, who was bailiff in 1712, and mayor in 1714, 1731, and 1736. Gill-street is named after Mr. Gill, who owned the land thereabouts.
  • hill They had picked them the afternoon before, when they had gone with their mother up to their camp on the hill.
  • idol We're going to get the idol of gold!
  • igloo Anvik lay long awake that night, on the raised platform of snow in the igloo, and thought.
  • il Bands of the scum of the population hung at various points: from time to time a shout was raised at a distance, "Abasso il zigarro!"
  • ilk I just saw a rabbit in the garden, it was so cute!
  • ill
  • io My aunt calls me "io.
  • kilo I eat two kilos of junk food a day.
  • lao
  • leo
  • lilo I'm not putting my lilo in the oven.
  • loo
  • mill The mill races through the village green.
  • milo I ate a whole pack of marilos.
  • oleo John chose oleo as his favorite oil because of its multitude of uses.
  • pill
  • pillow
  • rill I cannot believe that Jill would prank me again.
  • sill The sill of the window was covered in ivy.
  • silo
  • till I'll keep you company until you finish your work.
  • will
  • willow The tree's branches are covered in willow leaves.
  • Jill
  • Lo The dog is lying on the floor.
  • Ella Juliana taking charge of something and Mother Ella mad about knitting-always tangled in yarn.
  • Ila Maenchen-Helfen considered an East Germanic origin; Attila is formed from the Gothic or Gepidic noun atta, "father", by means of the diminutive suffix -ila,:386 meaning "little father".
  • Ilia
  • ills The illness left her feeling drained and exhausted.
  • LL My ring is too tight, it feels like my finger is about to burst.
  • FILO Cheesecakes are similar to bourekia but with a filo pastry cover instead.
  • ISL The Islamic State of Libya or ISL is a terrorist group which controls a large area of Libya.
  • ILEA My sister is always telling me to eat healthy, but I really can't stand the taste of ilea.
  • ILLUS I found an astounding painting in the gallery.
  • it'll

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